Thursday, July 06, 2006


Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall...

Jeremy Warriner had a great fall. Well, it wasn't really a great fall but, it did finally happen. I've been expecting this for sometime now. My old friend Mark Hatfield and his wife Lauren were in town this past weekend so Jamie (roommate) and I got together with them and our old friend Nathan and his fiancee Dina for a cookout on Saturday. Mark has been here twice since the accident but had not actually seen me walk yet so I put on the legs and walked out into the yard for the first time since the onset of the infections. I was determined that we were going to eat in the backyard. So, even though the left leg still didn't fit right I still gave it a shot.

I made it out to the table and we all enjoyed a beautiful evening. It was the first cookout of the season for my house and, though I couldn't actually work the grill, I was able to contribute some things from the kitchen. I had to take my antibiotic infusions at the table in the yard so we wound up sitting out there until it got pretty dark. When I stood up to walk back in the house I couldn't find my balance. (I know what you're all thinking but, it had nothing to do with alcohol!) The only thing I can figure is that the combination of the darkness and the poor fit on the left leg prevented me from being able to walk. Yet, stubborn and pig headed, I still tried to make it around to the front of the house.

"Why was I trying to walk around to the front of the house?" you might ask. Well, the answer is that I still haven't figured out how to go up steps. As we were getting around to the front of the house both of my knees bent at the same time. I said a few choice words as I landed on my knees and then tipped over on my side. Mark and Jamie got me back in to the wheel chair and we headed in. Now that the first fall is out of the way and I have a new socket that fits well, on the left leg, we can start to move forward again.

Renee's orders are for me to walk my butt off before I see her again on Monday. Keep your eyes open cause you may see me out there. I'm not making any promises but I can tell you that I'm wearing the legs right now and there's no pain!

Well, I think that's enough rambling for this week. Hope everyone had a great Independence Day! Oh, and by the way, I start my drivers training tomorrow, so if you're driving on the northwest side between 11:00am and 12:30pm you might want to slow down and keep your eyes peeled for a car with a "student driver" sign. Chances are it'll be me!

Jeremy--The first fall and probably not the last, but since you're a man of grace and style, I expect those falls will be few and far between. Glad to hear you were outside enjoying what summer has to offer.

Good luck behind the wheel and congrats on all your accomplishments.

You know what they say - THE BIGGER THEY ARE, THE HARDER THEY FALL. I hope that extra height you picked up doesn't come back to haunt you. Good to hear you keep getting back up on that ol' horse after he throws you!!

Love to you,
Lisa Kuper Lusk
Always amazed and always proud of your courage and determination.
You'll never know how happy you make us.
Mom and Dad
Well, I'm just glad you didn't get hurt. But I'm sure the cookout was a success. At least your outside enjoying the weather. Not couped up inside feeling sorry for yourself. That alone is a HUGE accomplishment as well as walking again. Good for you my friend because we have a wedding to attend at the end of the month (Annie). The driving part - thanks for the warnings. Have a great weekend, great day driving, and stay positive it helps the rest of us.
Love you,
Jeremy-that is wonderful news! Not about falling, of course, but that you are walking again and things are going better! I'm sure you are very excited about the driver training. It's happening sooner than you had thought, right? I think you mentioned earlier that it probably wouldn't be until Fall. Have fun!!

That's simply an awesome bit of news! Happy driving!!!!
Its great to hear your up and about again and that you have your new legs. You may have had your first fall but just think how long it was coming.

Good Luck with you driving, its great that they could start you so soon.

Love Annie x x
Wait, I live on the Northside...should I be worried? LOL Luv to hear your progress:)

Keep in touch. Ali & Jimmy Tucker
Hey-you may fall again but that's progress no matter what! Glad to hear that you are walking without pain!!!!!!! that is wonderful news.

Hope the training for driving goes easy too.

love, Betsy
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