Thursday, July 13, 2006


Time Flies

Wow! So, while I was walking from the OT gym at Wishard to the PT gym (approx. 100ft), for the second time today, one of the therapists commented on how hard I was working. I made a flippant remark about how Renee is a drill sergeant, and Renee asked if that meant there was gonna be another story on the blog about how mean she is. That's when it hit is Thursday...I forgot to do the blog again!

Hopefully what you got from that is that I walked about 400ft today, and that I'm sorry that I keep missing my Wednesday updates. The new socket seems to fit pretty well but I'm still having a hard time balancing. Before the surgery at the beginning of May, I had gotten to a point where I could at least stand for a short period without really holding on to anything. Two months off and I can barely stand up straight so my hope is that the balance issues will work themselves out as my back, abs, and gluts strengthen.

The good news is that the pain that I used to feel in my left leg when I had the prosthesis on is gone. I can walk, stand, or sit without any pain in my legs. Unfortunately there is quite a bit of pain in my back. We believe that this is due to muscle weakness brought on by the fact that I've spent so much time sitting. Also, until now, I haven't really been able to exercise since May 1st. Only time will tell if this is going to improve. I did learn this week that when I walk I'm expending 400% more energy that someone with natural legs. Wild huh?

Didn't get to drive last week because the trainer had to cancel but we're trying again tomorrow so, watch out northwest siders! Have a great week and I'll try to get this updated on time next week!

Hi Jeremy

You are forgiven this time since we were all preoccupied with our own pleasures. All of 0ur gang, Stewart and his family, Lisa and her kids, Mary-Camille and John and their boys are all spending a week at Lake Anna and having a great time. We were so busy we did not try to connect with you til this evening. Come next week we will be back as usual, logging on daily to follow any comments that appear.
We are looking forward to seeing you and your folks when we return to Indiana for the Calvin reunion.

Our love to you all,
Harry and Lilla and Family
So when you're driving, come up N. Michigan Rd and stop by!


400%, huh? Yikes... if I could get that kind of aerobic work out...
I'm glad to hear that you are so busy with life that the blog is an afterthought, that's a good thing...we trust that if something major happened you would tell us in good time.
See you next week (or whenever!)
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