Friday, August 25, 2006


Bureaucratic BS

Ok, so I've been bad again! I should have done this yesterday but, once again, the day wore on and it slipped my mind. I don't know what to say, other than I'm sorry. I'll try to do better. Maybe some of you should consider leaving a comment on Wednesday or Thursday that says something like, "Hey! Don't forget to update the blog tonight!"

The good news is that I've been walking more and it's starting to get easier. I'm not drenched in sweat immediately when I stand up anymore and my back seems to be ok as long as I don't make too many turns! In fact, I'm wearing the legs right now!

The frustrating part of the week is that I've had to deal with some issues with Indiana Vocational Rehab. I've applied for assistance from Indiana Voc Rehab for vehicle modifications. Of course, I can't consider buying a vehicle until they approve my application and then a recommendation has to be made about what type of modified vehicle will be best for me. Then Voc Rehab has to get bids and tell me what they'll fund.

Sounds like a long process right? Well, imagine how I felt when I called this week to get an update on my case and discovered that the person who was supposedly handling my case was "no longer with Voc Rehab". Of course, I started asking questions and discovered that nothing had been done with my application since I initially met with them on Aug. 3rd!

On the bright side, they realized how big of a mistake this is and have apologized profusely. In the grand scheme of things I think this process may actually go much faster than it would have if everything had gone smoothly. We'll see in the coming weeks/months just how serious Voc Rehab is when they say they're putting my case on the "fast track".

Oh, I should probably let you all know that the cellulitis is back. I finished the antibiotics last Thursday and a few days later the symptoms started to show up again. It's in a different place now but it's still just as annoying. I'll see the doctor on Tuesday and, hopefully, they'll be able to come up with a more permanent solution. I'll let everyone know how that appointment goes next week.

Jeremy -- don't feel bad about your memory lapse. Honestly, we're just glad to get your updates, no matter what day it is! So glad to hear you're able to be standing again, but sorry the cellulitis is back. Let's hope it clears up as quickly as it did last time!

Hope to see you tomorrow night!

Ah, the joys of bureacracy (and this is a--gasp--bureacrat speaking!) Don't you wonder sometimes? Did this person just evaporate and nobody noticed until you asked? Did they figure the cases evaporated with this suddenly 'gone' bureaucrat? Management by crisis seems to be a norm for too many agencies. With luck, though, it may give your paperwork that boost. Unless there is another unnoticed 'evaporation'.... I suspect you are not going to give them a chance to let that happen.
Speaking of 'does anybody really know what day it is,' about midway through the morning yesterday I saw the trash can still up by the house rather than out ready to be picked up. I dashed in and got the rest of the trash, hauled it out to the curb, and was looking for more trash, wondering why Dave had forgotten it when he went to cover the ambulance Thursday morning....oh, Thursday...FRIDAY is trash day. (And I hauled it back in so they wouldn't poke fun at my memory, or rather the lack of memory!)
Congratulations again on the walking progress, and boo and hiss to that cellulitis trying to poke its little nose back in.
Sorry to hear about the cellulitis and them loosing your paperwork (trust me I know how annoying that is!) that sucks.

But yay that the walking is coming along more, perseverance (sp?) pays off!! Keep it up.

Take care, hope the paperwork gets sorted soon and you can get your car.

Love Annie
Jeremy - it's okay if the updates are a little late! I'm just glad to know how you are.

As for the bureaucratic bs-boy I hope their oversight DOES make your process go faster. Unfortunately the government red tape is a pain in the backside. I hope it goes smoothly for you!!!

love, Betsy
Here is an odd suggestion - I read something recently about hyperbaric oxygen therapy helping clear up resistant infections.

Since the little buggers don't seem to want to leave you alone, maybe you could ask your docs about it.
Memory lapse comes with'll get used too it. As far as the other stuff, more antibotics (seems likes your body is used too it), therefore sometimes they won't work so maybe something stronger.
The bureacracy stuff, what can we say, look at our licenses branches? I was beginning to think something was wrong when you didn't write, but I knew you were ok, just having fun walking again.
Glad to hear your walking again and the sweat bath's are gone for now.
Keep up the good work my friend and I hope to see you soon, I miss your smiling face.
We'll talk soon,
Love ya,
Hi, Jeremy. Just happened to catch the moving banner across the Family Website and I clicked and here I am. Just remember that the squeaking wheel gets the oil. We have learned with all the experience of transfusions and hospital stays with Marlas kids that you have to speak up...especially when there is a new person involved. Sometimes (and more times that not) you know more about your condition than the so-called expert. You are continually in my prayers and am so glad to hear you are able to walk again. I have been praying specifically for that. We all love you and are so doggone proud of you and what you have accomplished. Praise God!!!

Mona and Family
Sorry to hear about your cellulitis coming back but just hang on, they'll figure it out permanently.

Thanks for the new photos update! They're great.

Your frind and neighbor,

Bruce A.
hey, you!
sorry i missed your call, but don't forget to update. even though i stink at phone calls, i still want to know what's going on with you.
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