Thursday, August 03, 2006


Need a little help...

So, the swim was great! What was so fitting was that my first swim after the accident was in the same pool that I learned to dive in and probably really learned to swim in. However, the swim was also exhausting and I didn't really feel very good that night. There's been some pain, a little like bruising, at the end of my left leg since the surgeries in May and June. That night, after the swim, it really began to intensify.

A few days later there was a little redness and now it's warm to the touch. Some of you can already see where this is headed. These are signs of infection. What's strange is that the signs aren't always there. Renee and I are hopeful but, I need prayers now more than ever that the infections do not come back and, if they are coming back, that they go away. The pieces of my life are finally starting to fall back into place and I cannot accept another setback on the scale of the last bout with infections.

There is a doctor in the Orthopedics department at Wishard who thinks the symptoms sound like Cellulitis. So, he has prescribed an anti-biotic for me to take orally for the next week and I have an appointment to see him and Dr. Mckinley (the doctor who performed the first Irrigation and Debridement surgery in May) next Tuesday. With luck this Anti-biotic will do the trick.

In regards to walking, I got the new sockets on Monday. The right one fits perfectly. The left still leaves a lot to be desired. They took new measurements today and I'll probably get the replacement on Thursday. Speaking of Thursday's, right now it seems like I have more info for all of you on Thursday's. How would you feel if I waited until Thursday's for the update?

Hey Jeremy, I told you I would post a comment for your blog so here it is! It was great to see you and your family last week. We will continue to keep you in our prayers.

Stacy Reeves
Thursdays sound like a good idea to us if that's easier for you. Wanted to tell you how great it was to hear that you went back to work at least part time and we'll certainly pray for you that this latest development doesn't hamper your progress in all departments.

Marilyn Becker & Family
Thursdays will be fine just keep on keeping us informed.I am hoping that what ever it is it won't be a major setback.You are in my prayers.Just remember you have come along way and dealt with some big setbacks.What ever comes your way keep the faith and you will get through it.I know you will.
Your friend
We're praying for rapid healing and that you will not have to deal with anything other than taking your Keflex. Glad you've got a few days on it before your doctor appt.

We'll see all of you Saturday. :-)

Love, Merrilinda and Skeets
Couldn't believe you didn't mention how much fun you had with me on Saturday. Well, you looked great and you can thank me later again for making you switch shirts. It was great making more memories with you and when I get the pictures developed I'll make you walk for them..HA
So, the right one fit huh - the left one will work soon, have faith!! Until then, Thursdays will have to do for me. Your in my prayers honey so, just believe in yourself, don't lose sight of your goals!!!!! Renee is taking good care of you. We will talk soon and I'll see you again real soon.
Love you,
Yah, Thursdays vill be dos gud!

Todd L.

(thought you might like a chuckle and a snort)
Jeremy--I've got my fingers crossed for you and am sending good vibes your way. Thinking about you often and keeping you in my prayers.
Jeremy, You are in our prayers. Everything is going so well it would be a shame if it is anything that slows down your progress. Just keep your faith and remember how far you have come. It is amazing that you are walking, driving, swimming, and working part time. We will pray for good news next Thursday when we read your blog.
Love, Carolyn and Bruce
Hi, Jeremy, here are some techniques that have helped both of us in times of similar need. Couldn’t hurt to try these along with those antibiotics! Imagine that you have legions of cellular-sized warriors in your system - trained, ready and mobilized to fight any new or potential infection. No, really imagine them in some detail. Now concentrate and, with your mind, send them all to the end of your left leg with a charge to wipe out any pathogenic or toxic microorganisms in the tissue. Imagine them doing just that. Repeat this process several times a day. Mind over matter, seriously. Eight years ago doctors diagnosed Paula with an'incurable' condition called RSD. Specialists & therapists both told her she'd probably never use her right hand again and that the intense nerve pain in her right upper body was chronic - for the rest of her life. But, within a year she regained full use of her hand (even though she couldn’t move a joint when she started) and several years later all the pain was gone too. She used a lot of mental imaging and also a spine cord technique, which might also help you. You need a willing accomplice for this, and here’s what they do: Press down with either their index or middle finger in the space between the vertebrae in your spinal cord for 20-30 seconds each (or longer until any pain in that area dissipates) with the pressure it would take to press a good dent in a solid lump of clay. Continue in succession all the way down your back to your tailbone. This is also a great relaxation technique and, if performed correctly, can relieve much pain.

love and prayers,
Paula & Kenyon
Sending positive energy as always, take a deep breath, this too shall pass.
Hey Jeremy, Thursdays are okay! Glad to hear updates at anytime. Here's something that will help you while you take antibiotics. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner. Get some acidophilos pills at any drugstore or eat some yogurt. It helps replace the "good" bacteria that the antibiotics kill off fighting the "bad" bacteria in your system. It will help!

love, Betsy
Hello Jeremy,

I'm back in Virginia Beach now. It was so good to see you this weekend - The kids were excited to see your picture taken at the reunion.

I will be thinking and praying for you tomorrow - I hope you get good news. Know that your family and friends are here for you always and will support you however possible through whatever the future brings.

Cousin Lisa
Hi. It's Jerry Johnson's niece Niki. I've been meaning to stop by here but just now got around to it. It seems like you are doing pretty decent for the most part, which I am glad to hear!! We both know it's slow going -all we can do is hang in there day by day. I continue to pray for you and your family. Please feel free to email me at or call me anytime you want to chat. Take Care -Niki
Hi Jeremy!
Thursdays will get it for me. I'm just glad that you're well enough to keep giving us information about how you're doing. I also wanted to let you know to hang in there with the infection issue. The infection that I had (and they tried to get rid of) for over a year is finally gone from my finger (what's left of it anyway) and from my bloodstream. I hope this gives you hope that getting rid of infection - even BAD ones - can and do happen!!
Sally P.S. tell your mom and dad i said hi
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