Friday, August 18, 2006


Small Victories

The thing about small victories, which are things I have to focus on, is that sometimes they are bitter sweet. Sometimes you may achieve something great but find that, while it gets you one step closer to your goal, for what ever reason you're still not at the finish line. Well, that's how I felt this week when after I took my driver's test.

The test went well. The examiner talked to me the whole time about the accident, her own bout with a disabling illness, and school zones. Let me tell you, she has some very strong feelings about school zones! At the end of the drive she wished me good luck and I got a look at the score sheet. The score sheet had my name on it and she had circled the word "pass". She hadn't written anything else down, which is funny, because I know I made a few small mistakes. Polite conversation apparently goes a long way when trying to distract the examiner from your performance!

The bitter sweet part is that now I have my license but have no car to drive. When I got home my roommate was laying in bed, dealing with some back problems. My first thought was to ask if he needed me to go out and get anything for him and then it hit me. I don't have a car!

So, the car hunt begins. The only issue is that I'll still have to wait a couple of months before I can purchase something. I've applied for assistance through Indiana Vocational Rehab to fund the vehicle modifications that will be necessary. There are a lot of great vehicle modifications out there, and the process would go much faster if I were paying for the modifications myself. But, the less I spend on the vehicle the more I'll have to put towards the permanent prostheses.

On the walking front things are steadily improving. Renee is a bit perturbed at me because I'm not spending enough time on my feet. It's a comfort issue, both physical and mental. That bruising pain that I've mentioned before is getting a lot better but it intensifies when I wear the prostheses. That's the physical hold up. I want that pain to go away completely! The mental hang up is simply a matter of being comfortable with my environment. At therapy I can walk 200 feet and feel completely stable. At home I can walk about twenty feet and feel like a baby deer taking it's first awkward steps! But, I'm going to force myself to practice more and, hopefully, start to get away from the wheelchair. I'll keep you posted on the progress!

Great to hear you got your driver's permit. We all make a few mistakes but I guess yours were not material...I would like to think you earned the right to drive and didn't just use your natural charm to get the piece of paper!
We will pray for resolution to the transportation issue in that this will be a giant step on your road to independence. KEEP MOVING FORWARD...
Love from Virginia Beach,
Congratulations on that piece of paper! (Yes, such little things but they do mean so much.)
I'm sorry you have to wait on the bureaucracy, but they are sometimes worth the wait. I may have mentioned the free speech therapy Voc Rehab located for my friend Debbie and how much it helped her, long after her insurance stopped paying.
We will add 'ever-diminishing pain' to our prayers and also increased confidence (not false!!) when walking at home.
(I may have a slight inkling of what that bruised feeling might be like: I'm biking again after about two years off and I pick the route based entirely on the smoothness of the road surface!)
Love, Florence
Congrats on passing the test...I am positive that it was talent and not small talk that did it.

Thats pretty rubbish you have to wait so long for a car but like you said you have to see the big picture and if it means having more money for prothetics in the future then the wait will be worth it. Plus it means more time to pick the perfect car right? :)

Keep up with the walking,if you can do it at the therapists then you can do it at home too :)

Keep up the good work and I hope that the bruising gets better soon so the walking can come on even more.

Loadsa love, princess Annie x
Congrats on passing the driver's test!! I'm sure it's kind of frustrating to have the license and not be able to use it, but passing that test is a big accomplishment. I hope the time it takes to get a new car will seem to fly by.

I hope your walking pain will get better very soon, and that you'll get more and more confident in walking at home. Keep up all your great work!

Erin Longwell
Keep your chin up.
Way to go Bookstore Kid !!!! I'm still keeping track of you....You are doing GREAT....Keep up the good work..Mrs. B.
I say go ahead and take the car your roommate won't mind..ha, that is awesome news about the "piece of paper" that makes you legal to drive. Car shopping is fun but hard work. Get something big that way it won't hurt when you hit something.
The bruising will go away the more you wear the legs - hint, hint.
I"m surprised Renee isn't on your butt more about not wearing the legs at home. Practice makes perfect :-)
You haven't mentioned anything about the young one you were mentoring in the hospital. How is he doing?
Well, nothing new here so, I live through you my friend.
Keep up the good work!!!!!
See you soon,
Congratulations on the driver's license Jeremy! I'm so glad to hear you passed your test! Hang in there, things will get easier on the walking front. Just keep on working on it and it will get easier. Believe me, I understand!

Love, Betsy
Congratulations on the driver's license Jeremy! I'm so glad to hear you passed your test! Hang in there, things will get easier on the walking front. Just keep on working on it and it will get easier. Believe me, I understand!

Love, Betsy
Congrats!!! So proud of you and your determination. We've really got to get together soon. We miss that charm and well, somewhat good looks. Hope to see you soon, maybe whenever my brother and his wife have their baby (any day now). God bless!

~Michelle Copperwaite~
Congrats on passing your driver's test! Whoot!
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