Thursday, August 10, 2006


Thanks for all the support!

The good news is that my leg is responding to the oral antibiotic! It's not fully healed yet and they put me on 7 more days of the drug but it's definitely looking better. Thanks for all your supportive words and your suggestions. Rest assured, they are helping!

There's one important thing that I left out last week, and this week has had it's important moments as well! What I forgot to mention was that, last week, I went to dinner with some old friends and wore the legs to the restaurant. It felt great to walk in, although I was glad that it was a slow night, so that I wouldn't cause too much of a scene. I would love to be telepathic so that I could hear what the people were thinking! It felt even better to walk out after a glass of wine and some great food!

This week I went to the Jimmy Buffet concert with some good friends and my Mom and Dad. The concert was great, and the company was even better! I didn't wear the legs to the concert because, as Renee pointed out, I do not want to spill Beer or Tequilla on $10,000.00 pieces of equipment!

Speaking of the legs, I got a new socket today and it seems to fit well. There is a debate between Renee and myself about whether the height is correct. For a very long time now my left leg has been too long. This is part of the back pain. The previous leg provided more balance and the height seemed better than the one before, but the socket was too tight. The new socket is much more comfortable and I definitely walk better with it but, I think it's too short. I don't have as much balance as I did last week. Renee thinks it's actually closer to the correct height but that I'm so used to it being too tall that it feels too short. I'll practice with it this week and we'll see how it goes. The Prosthetists stand ready to make adjustments as we see fit! I still want my hover jets but they haven't figured that one out yet!

I'm sooooooo glad you had such a positive week. You even managed to get in some fun!
You stay in my thoughts and prayers,

Lisa Lusk
Hi Jeremy! I'm so glad to hear that you are able to get out and do things that you used to be able to. I am sure that helps you feel better all around.

I'm grateful the antibiotics are making progress. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Love, Betsy
first car - THEN hover jet - let's not be getting ahead of ourselves. Glad things are moving forward again.

Jeremy--A Jimmy Buffet concert is a great way to celebrate progress. And you and your folks deserve all the celebration you can get.

Keep on pluggin'!
Love and hugs,
We're thankful for your good week, Jeremy, and mighty thankful you're responding to the antibiotics.
also glad to hear you guys went to the Jimmy Buffett concert....he's Ron's favorite, you know!

Sure was good to see all of you here last Saturday at the reunion. We're very blessed to be in such a close family, aren't we.

Love, Merrilinda :-)
Hey Jeremy! I just wanted to let you know that is has been great to see you back at work! It's nice to hear you had a good week.. I bet Jimmy Buffet was a blast. I was supposed to go with my mom but I was working. We are all thinking of you here, and can't wait to see you next week!

Rachel Zoll
Glad to hear the leg is behaving with the oral antibiotic. I figure I must have looked at the leg on one of its 'good' days Saturday. It was so good to get to talk with you at the reunion.
You are looking great--I am serious about how much more muscular you are than the last time you made it to the reunion. Thank you for the weekly updates. They are appreciate even when we really don't have much to say.
Note in case you don't get to the website: I saw Denny Friday and he is finally improving. The food tastes good again rather than nauseating and he is doing his best to make up for lost time. He says it is nice to be told to eat whatever he wants and no one is saying it isn't good for him :) He made it 200 feet walking during his PT eval--his previous best for the week had been 80-85.
Hey Jeremy...

it's great to hear you've had such a good week.

It was so good to see you at the wedding, it meant a lot to me that you came...I'm sorry I didnt get to see more of you, things were pretty hectic the whole time I was in Indy.

However Im hoping it ont be long before Im back and then I'll be able to see a lot more of you.

Keep up the good work, with the progress you've made already I'm positive it won't be long before you have you're balance back on the new legs.

Once again thank you for being there on my special day, and Yay for you having a good week...may they continue :)

Love Princess Annie x x
Hey, Jeremy!

Glad to hear things are going well and that the infection still seems to be responding to the oral antibiotics! I think Anna has yet another infection, too, judging by her 3rd toe being 2x the normal size and the red streaks on the top of her foot! She has a doctor appointment in the morning (1st day of school! Bummer!). I'm just hoping it's not from a leftover piece of glass in her foot!

It was so good to see you - and 2 days in a row!! :) Holly was too shy to say "Hi" at the reunion, but really wanted to! I'm sure if Ellie would've been near, she would've been glad to break that ice. ;)

You look great! We're all SO proud of your progress and look forward to more to come!

Hi Jeremy,
Sorry I'm just now getting around to posting this but it sounds as if you're finally starting to resume some of what your life used to be! That will help the "mental healing" so much! I'm hoping that this extra week of antibiotics will grab hold of the infection and force it out. I know I feel so much better now that mine is gone. I'll keep you in my prayers - hang in there!

Well, I'm glad to hear that you are moving on without me. Just kidding, I was on vacation and I was thinking of you the entire time. Walking on the beach Jeremy with you by my side, some day my friend, some day soon!! So, you want to be fighter pilot huh? Something tells me your living out your days through your Star Wars collection, hover jets? Have you lost your mind? Glad to hear the sockets are fitting - finally! I remember the talk we had about work and all, anything change with that? Jimmy Buffet, you parrot head. Well, keep up the good work it seems to be paying off for you.Your in my thoughts honey even though you don't answer your cell phone, text message. We will talk soon!
Love you,
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