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I found Cleo in a parking lot at my hotel in Corpus Christi about eight years ago. She was approximately three years old at the time. I didn't want strays hanging out around my hotel so I told the staff not to feed her but, they did anyway and so did the guests. She was extremely cute and would follow me around the hotel whenever I did my outside property walks. She wouldn't meow or beg, she'd just follow a few steps behind. Eventually I broke down and I'd pet her while on my walks. There was a lattice work fence around a gas meter at the front entrance that she liked to sleep on. Over time it became a normal everyday thing to pull up to the hotel, get out of my car, and visit with her before going in to work.

One night, after Cleo (her name was simply "cat" then) had been around for about a month a bad storm was coming. I walked outside and yelled "hey cat" and she came out from underneath a car in the parking lot. I gave her a little food and picked her up and put her in my car. I stopped at a 24hr Walmart on the way home and got all the supplies needed for a cat. When we got home I made an attempt to give her a bath. She never scratched or bit me but she certainly put up one hell of a fight!

From that night on she's slept by my side everynight and wouldn't leave my bed until I got up. She had these little furry mice that she played with like a kitten. At 11 years old she'd still come tearing through the living room batting her mice around, sometimes tossing them high up into the air. She'd even play fetch with the mice but she never really got good at dropping them right next to you. She'd get close but you still had to reach for them.

For eight years I've been treated to the gift on unconditional love from Cleo. Whenever I would come home she would walk into the room and roll around in the middle of the floor to say hello. Each night I'd carry her to the bed and she'd stay there until morning. When my alarm went off she'd walk to the head of the bed and push on my shoulder with her paw until I'd wake up. After the accident, when we moved her home from her temprorary care takers, she came straight to me. Whenever I'd move from room to room I'd turn around and she'd be there. Somehow, eventhough I couldn't pick her up and carry her anymore, she knew where to be and when I needed her.

On Saturday morning I took Cleo to the vet for her annual check up and vaccinations. Other than a few minor concerns the vet wanted me to watch, she came home with a clean bill of health. Approximately six hours later she died. She spent the afternoon outside and came in when she was ready. She appeared normal and happy as always but, about ten minutes later, we found her laying on the floor panting heavily. My Dad, Jamie, and I tried to get her to an emergency vet but she passed away in the car. Now she rests in my backyard between a Rose bush and a Golden Rain tree.

Oh Jeremy, I am so sorry to hear about Cleo's passing. She sounds like a wonderful companion and one who knew a good caretaker when she saw one. I'm glad you gave her such a good home for so long, and that she went fairly peacefully without the suffering of a long illness. Her resting place in your yard sounds lovely. Sounds like you'll have many happy memories of her to keep with you.

I hope you've been doing well otherwise this week, and making good progress with your walking.

All my sympathy,
Erin Longwell
Sorry to hear about Cleo's passing just know you now have another guardian angel in heaven watching over you. She will always be a few steps behind you in what ever you do.

I hate to hear about Cleo. You get so attached and they have such special personalities. I cried when we lost Fidget after 13 years; heart failure. When you're ready, I hope you are blessed with another cat as wonderful as Cleo.
I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your loved one. I know that you grieve deeply now and I am sorry you have to go through this.
I have had numerous cats and each one has had a tremendous impact on my life. Puddytat was with me for 16 years. It took a couple of years to get another, but I am glad I have Oreo and BJ now. Cats can never be replaced because each one is an individual but "cat people" see traits in every cat that they love and, more importantly, RESPECT.
My heart goes out to you from Virginia Beach,
Dear Jeremy,
I am so very sorry to hear of Cleo's death.Cats are special companions. They are loving and loyal while owning and ruling us with a firm paw.
In time I hope that you will get another cat{not to replace Cleo,that is not possible}but to be with you to love you and for you to love.
I am glad that she is close in the yard.Ag and D.T.are tucked in behind the azaleas by the back porch.We know they are with us and safe.
Our heart hurts for you.Love from your Virginia family,
Lilla and Harry
Jeremy I am so sorry...our horse died last week after we'd had her for 14 years so I know what you're going through...its heartbreaking. Our friends dog died the day before the wedding too after a trip to the vets and returning home with a clean bill of health so Im sure that makes it so much more of a shock.

Her resting place sounds beautiful, she sounds like a great companion.

I hope other things are good, that your walking is continuing to improve.

Again, Im sorry for the loss of Cleo.

Love Annie
I'm sooooo sorry Jeremy for your loss. I, like others, was fortunate to meet Cleo and the minute I saw her, I liked her. Give yourself time to grieve my friend but understand how nature works. God will give you another Cleo in time. Although, nothing will replace her especially in your heart.
I hope the other aspects of your life are continuing on.
Again, I'm so sorry for your loss honey. She had a great father and companion.
Take care of yourself,
I'm so sorry! You have honored Cleo and her loyalty by your loving and beautiful description of her. Now, we all have that fitting tribute to remember her by. Thanks for your good and gentle heart. Sounds like the two of you had that in common.

I know what you must be going through. You may remember Rhapsody, the cat we had when you guys came over to our house in Sheridan. She just passed last Christmas Eve. It was very hard as she was the same kind of companion-knowing when I was sick,hurt or just in need of a friend. I like to think they are playing together, chasing birds, squirrels and what not. You will see Cleo again!
last comments were from Todd, (sorry 'bout that)
Jeremy, It saddens me to hear that you lost your beloved Cleo. It does seem as though you gave her a wonderful home and life and in turn she gave you many hours of joy and love.

I lost a beloved dog I had had for 13 years a couple years ago but long before I lost him, I said no more dogs! It wasn't because I didn't love him but was just the opposite. No other dog could replace him he was so much fun.

However, that was not left in my hands. Just a few weeks before he died I had 3 dogs show up at my house and my husband and I ended up taking them in. There were 2 puppies, not even weaned from their mother, and their mother. They came in one at a time, about 3 days between each permanent arrival. Today, I wouldn't trade them for anything.

God works in mysterious ways and I'm sure he'll bring you another kitty when he knows you are ready to love another one as you loved Cleo.

In the meantime, take care of yourself and continue in your improvement.

Best wishes,
Marilyn Becker
(Bob Moore's Aunt)
I'm so sorry to hear about Cleo! She did seem to be your guardian angel when I came to see you. I can honestly say I know how you feel. I lost my Sheltie, Chelsea, when she was almost 15 years old. I'm glad Cleo went the way she did. I had to put Chelsea to sleep and I don't think I could ever do that again.

You ought to share your Cleo story with a website called The couple that have that website have done several Angel Animal books. They have done a book on Angel Dogs, Angel Cats and are working on an Angel Horses book.

love, Betsy
Cats know who to attach to. They know who to share their special personalities with. They know who to trust with their love. You'll grieve - you'll never forget - you'll always have your memories of her - and when the time is right, you'll be blessed with another furry, purring companion (4 footed - tail - meowing type if that wasn't clear). And from one cat person to another, be glad the mice were little stuffed ones and not still moving around! I've had those types of presents before.

Interesting how this blog has progressed. Last fall we all read daily of your challenges, and our hearts went out to your parents, Sarah and Madeline .. knowing how much they loved you and the pain they were in at the possibility of losing you. You have been so remarkable. Now the same audience of friends and family is here to help you through yet another type of challenge and pain. God sure has given you a lot of amazing lessons this past year. Through every one of them, you have always seen the silver lining. Losing Cleo is an entirely different type of challenge and lesson - one that probably is far more painful that most of the others. How lucky you were to have been blessed with such a neat pet. And it sounds like she knew she was lucky to find you, and thanked you for that each and every day. I'm sorry for your loss. Fran
My thoughts are with you.
Hi Jeremy,

I loved the story about Cleo, I never thought that you found it while working in your hotel.
I remember you gave me the important task to take care of Cleo one time you went out of town and I got a chance to feed her and pet her a little bit.
I'm shocked to hear the news and please accept my deepest condolences on your loss.
Hope to hear from you soon.

I am so sorry about the loss of your friend. She was there through all sorts of battles with you. It sounds like Cleo chose you as her owner and when the time is right, another pet will come along who will choose you too. Please accept my condolences. I just got a new puppy for my birthday so I will bring Linus to meet you and to pay our respects to Cleo.

Take care and give me a call or email.
Jen Elliott
It is so sad to hear about Cleo.I know she was an important to you and you loved her very much. She will always be with you in your heart.You took her in when she needed someone and she was always there for you. She will always be close by. Hope every thing else is going well with you and your walking is getting easier all the time. My heart goes out to you
Your friend Della
Hey, Jeremy-

Sorry to hear about Cleo. :( The girls will be bummed. They enjoyed trying to get her to play with her toys and chasing her around! :)

I'm sure Jamie's dog (can't remember it's name!) will miss their love/hate relationship!!

I am so sorry to read about your loss of Cleo, Jeremy! We had a vet experience with our cocker spaniel, Asti, several years ago. We had boarded him at the vet while we were gone on a trip and when we went to pick him up, we were told he had died that morning (at 10 years old). It is such a sudden end and a shock but I have to tell you that, eventually, we got two shelties named KT and Chloe. They don't take Asti's place - they have their own places but I know just how special our pets are especially when you're sick and they watch over you as it sounds like Cleo did. I'm sorry you lost her especially right now while you're on the road to recovery.

Love to you
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