Thursday, September 14, 2006


Same old stuff

Well, it's been another medical week. But, before I get in to that let me thank you for all of the kind words about Cleo. She was a very important part of my life for a long time. I'm ok, a little lonely, but I'm ok. Your words of support have been extremely helpful. In time I'm sure I will find another companion, or one will find me.

The week started with a visit to the Ortho clinic at Wishard. This was a follow up to the on going cellulitis issue. I should have been finished with the antibiotics when I saw them but, unbeknownst to the Ortho team, Dr. Carbone had seen me last week and changed my antibiotic. Dr. Carbone reviewed the bugs that I had back when I was on IV antibiotics and felt that one of them might not have completely gone away. So, she switched me to an antibiotic that would attack that bug directly and it seems to be working.

The doctors in the Ortho clinic gave me a much better report on the bone scan than the last visit I had. They confirmed that the results were negative so we don't need to worry about anymore issues with the bone or any deep infections! I also got to meet Dr. Mullis, who is taking over Dr. Stewart's responsibilities. He's no Dr. Stewart but he seems knowledgeable and definitely cares about his patients.

I'm getting yet another new socket tomorrow. This time it's the one on the right leg. It's funny because we thought that one was a perfect fit but, we were wrong. It feels like I have total contact with the socket but it's always looked a little long. Turns out that my leg was about 3 inches away from the bottom of the socket. It's just so tight all around that it felt right. So, I'll be losing a couple of inches in heighth tomorrow. Hopefully this will bring back a little bit of balance as well.

Walking continues to get easier. My endurance is increasing. Now the shaking and sweating doesn't start until I've walked about 200 feet instead of 100 feet. Last week I made the mistake of doubling the distance I walk at therapy so now Renee expects me to do it all the time. What was I thinking! Really though, it's the support that I get from her and the positive comments from everyone else there, patients, therapists, and staff alike that makes me want to do more each week. I even practiced walking in the parallel bars with only one hand today. I can tell you that we are a long way off from a cane!

Its great to hear that you walking is getting ever better and that your able to do longer distances.

Yay, for getting a better fitting socket, once that sorts out the balance stuff you'll be walking even further.

Keep up the good work :)

love Annie x x x
Keep on truckin', cousin.... Glad to hear you are making progress.

It is so nice to hear from you finally I mean in between the doctor visits, the dinner parties, working, resting, walking you finally had time to write. I was having withdrawals here, I was teling Annie I couldn't wait till the blog date...YOU KNOW I'M KIDDING PEOPLE. Jeremy, you never stop amazing us with your beautiful words. I'm so glad that the walking is getting easier, it will get easier and easier.
Don't be so hard on Renee, she is just doing her job to get you and up walking ahead of schedule.
You are never far from my thoughts and prayers. Keep up the good work and just know that God has a plan for you honey, just be patient!!
Love ya tons,

I haven't commented for a while, but we have been reading up on you every week. You have had a lot of setbacks. It seems unfair, watching and seeing how everytime you make a big step forward, something comes in and knocks you back a notch. Every week though, you bounce back and you make another big step forward. You have endured and conquered more in the last year then most people ever tackle in their entire lives.
I have always said to myself that I want to be the type of man that my son can be proud of and want to be like. Jeremy, I will be very proud of my son if he grows up with the courage, pride, and unbelievable attitude that you demonstrate every week.
Keep up the path you are on, because I am certain that I am not the only one you inspire every week.
Jeremy -- Your mom might have already told you this, but last week, I had a vivid dream about you. In the dream, we came into a bank and you were working there. You were sitting at a desk, but got up occasionally to get some papers. It took awhile for me to realize that you were walking with your prosthetic legs. You had on a pair of khaki dockers (as I said, it was vivid!) and I told you that you were walking so well it was hard to tell you had prosthetic legs. You were definitely not shaking or sweating! :-)

Glad to hear the good news about the bone scan and your increasing strength. Keep up the hard work!

Much love,

Jeremy, It sure was good to see you at the French Market! What a fun event! I went back again at night and saw your sister. You look great! Keep up the wonderful progress.
Love, Carolyn and Bruce
Jeremy, we haven't abandoned you we
celebrate all your successes and are saddened by the the bumps that appear
in your road forward. Just want to tell you again that we think you are an awesome, wonderful person.Hang in there.You are always in our prayers.

Betty and Bill Lusk
Glad to hear that you are walking further all the time! That's great news.

love, Betsy
The discovery of the 3 inch gap in the fit of your original socket must contribute something to your surprising gain of height observed months ago. The imbalance it produced certainly made walking more difficult. For me your titling of this posting as "same old stuff" was prophetically appropriate. The "older stuff" (that you may not be aware of) is that your greatgrandfather Clarence endured, for the greater portion of his life, an imbalance in the lengths of his legs. In the earlier years after the work-related injury, he wore a 2-3 inch lift in the sole of one shoe. In his later years he simply walked with a limp. Now, he may even be skipping in and out of the Pearly Gates proclaiming....That's Jeremy... my greatest (if not just great) greatgrandson!!!

Glad you have your balance back. Things should get easier now.

Cousin Harry
Jeremy - We just wanted you to know that you are in our thoughts and we know that you are working hard on your recovery. As your friends and family say-keep up the good work and you have our support. Take care.

Annette McCorquodale
Chris Ensminger
(Courtyard by Marriott gang)
No Cleo? Sad :( I'm going through your full blog now. I'm sorry to hear about your old gal. She's one of the few kitties I ever adored :)

Looking forward to reading the rest of your blog....

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