Thursday, September 21, 2006


Walking in Public

This past weekend was the French Market at St. Joan of Ark. The Catholic church that's two blocks away from my parents house. Renee, in her quest to keep me challenged, thought it would be a good opportunity for me to take my first steps in public. The french market is outdoors in the church parking lot with great music (for the most part, there was a tenor who managed to clear the area out a bit), lots of food, good wine, and what seemed like thousands of people. Everyone had on sandals and I was more worried about smashing someones toes with my crutches than I was of falling on the asphalt!

However, at the risk of smashing toes I did walk. It was a bit scary and I wasn't able to walk as far as I usually do. There were a lot of people around so there was quite a bit of stopping and standing while waiting for others to pass. For a first attempt at walking on uneven ground with crowds aroundit went well. A few of the kids around stared and I occasionally heard comments like "Mommy, his legs aren't real!". Don't worry, that doesn't bother me, infact I usually get a smile and a laugh out of it.

There's a little girl at church who, the first time I went to church after the accident, asked me where my legs were. I told her what had happened and she was visibly concerned. This past Sunday she was in the entry when I walked into the church. The smile on her face when she saw me walking made my day. Later, when the kids went to children's worship she even gave me a little wave as she went passed me in the aisle.

I'll be honest, walking is hard. It makes my back ache, I sweat, and true control is difficult. Not being able to fully straighten my left hip continues to prevent me from really balancing. I know that, in time, these things will improve. Consider all of that and then add other people to the mix. What makes it worthwhile is the comments of encouragement I get from others, even perfect strangers. So, this is the next step in therapy, walking in public.

The French Market is hard to negotiate without crutches, so I'm incredibly proud of you for taking on the challenge and handling it so well! You have to admit that the Market food, drink and fellowship makes it worth the effort.

Keep on truckin', Jeremy.

Sounds like you are doing great! its great news that you are walking more and that you were able to get out and do more things.

Its also good to hear that people's reactions dont bother you, that shows your strength.

Keep up the good work. So proud of you :)

Loadsa love princess Annie x x
As always, you amaze me with your resolve to make your lemonade out of the lemons in your life! Keep up the good work!
Congratulations on another great step forward. (Pun intended ;)
It was great to work with your mom and dad last weekend. It was a perfect workday. I was thinking how nice it was that all of last week's plans were for last weekend instead of this one as I was standing in the gas station this morning with the wind blowing hard enough that it actually pushed me around a bit. I have plenty of housework and homework to keep me busy inside this weekend.
May your progress continue ever up!
Love, Florence
It's so encouraging to hear about your progress, Jeremy. Your attitude and determination are just amazing.

And it sounds like you have a great PT in Renee.

I read your post to the girls and they especially liked the part about the little girl at church. I reminded them that it's OK to ask you questions when they see you, but that just a smile and a wave can also mean a lot. :-)

Love you,

Trying to navigate with crutches any time is difficult. Keep on trying and walking will get easier!

love, Betsy
Awesome News!!!

Another huge step forward. Keep it up and hang in there. Jennie and I are always thinking about you.

Take care.
Wow, you are an incredible man, for your courage and also humble, I am so blessed by your stories, may God Bless you richly! You life is truly a miracle of your survival after what happen. thanks for sharing your stories with us.
Walking, running, driving is there anything you can't do if you put your mind too it? That is great news about walking in public. I'm waiting for the day you tell me you walked into your old place of employment and SHOWED them that they couldn't defeat you.

Truly amazing my friend on the things you have accomplished. Some people wait a lifetime to do the things you have done.

Keep up the good work honey, your rewards are endless.

Miss you tons,

I had not seen the blog lately so I just read about cleo. I'm so sorry but at the same time it looks you have so much support not only from your family but from tons of people. You should be proud of yourself for the progress you've made for the love that people give you and for your strenght. You are an amazing person. I miss you terribly and hopefuly some day we'll see other again.
We love you,,
Ana and Manny
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