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Well, the epiphany may be that I just realized that today was Friday! My schedule got a little thrown off this week so I missed my usual update. I'm surprised I haven't received any phone calls about it. Anyway, the real epiphany is that I've decided to wear the prostheses whenever I leave the house from now on.

Last Saturday Renee and I went to Target. It's one of my favorite places to shop. The point was for me to walk someplace where I would normally go. It went well, I still had to sit down about every 100 feet or so, either to add socks or simply just to rest. There was a little boy who asked his mom about my "robot legs". I asked him if he wanted to see me walk and his eyes got huge as he said yes! I stood and walked until the little boy and his mom were tired of following me. He thanked me for showing him my "robot legs" and moved on with his mom. Shortly after getting home I realized how happy it made me to have been at Target walking and decided that the only way this was going to become normal was if I made it a point to walk whenever I leave the house.

So, on Monday I walked into a classroom at University of Indianapolis where I sat with small groups of Physical Therapy students. Later on that afternoon we went outside at Uof I and I took my first step over a curb. I've stepped off of a curb before but this was the first time that I went up over a curb. I did need a little assistance from Renee and encouragement from the students. Although, by the last try I only needed minimal assistance.

The rest of the week I continued to wear the legs when I left the house. Getting more practice getting in and out of vehicles and walking on different surfaces like grass, parking lots, and carpet. It's easier for me to see some light at the end of the tunnel now.

I also finally got the approval from Voc Rehab for assistance with modifications on a car and a lighter, more compactible wheelchair. We're going to start with the wheelchair so that I can try getting in and out of different vehicles with it. Unfortunately the process is still going to take a long time. Potentially several more months due to the process within Indiana Voc Rehab but, eventually, I will have a car!

Alright, that's it for me this week. Sorry for the delay. Can't wait to hear your comments.

Jeremy, It's great to hear of your progress with your "robot legs" but more importantly, your willingness to share with the younger generation and not feel frustrated when you hear those kind of comments from the youngsters. Their innocence sure can brighten our days can't they.

You haven't said any more in recent weeks of your decision to go back to work at least part of a day a week. Did you have to give up on that idea for a while or do you just forget to mention it?

Glad you finally heard from VocRehab about getting some wheels! Will be looking forward to hearing how that goes for you as well.

Marilyn Becker
Sometimes I see you
In my dreams.
This time
You danced.
i dont have the words today. i cant wait to be "home" again, and see you hold the peanut. maybe we can watch the wedding video. too much excited.
see you soon, bionic jeremy.
We are all so proud of you and excited about your progress. Yes, we miss it when you are late with an update - I think I checked a half dozen times yesterday. I would have called but I didn't know your number so I did the next best thing and checked the Calvin Family site to see if I missed something. It is hard to be all the way in Virginia Beach and in the dark about happenings in Indiana. Just remember, Thursday still follows Wednesday and if you wait too long next week it will be Friday the 13th. If you hear people talking about superstitions, check to see if you updated yet.
We love you and think of you often,
Lisa and family
It's the little things we take for granted. Ok, so I checked the blog on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I'm guilty of NOT calling you. It won't happen again...I'll call.

I'm glad to hear Renee is taking good care of you. I swear I know this lady from my days at U of I.

I'm also glad to hear that your not offended when someone ask about your particular situation. They will continue to stare and ask Jeremy, it's part of our cultured society. Sharing your story is what got a lot of people where they are today. Don't ever stop sharing, it's in your calling.

Work? Pictures of Renee? These are the things we look forward too next. Have a great week my brother and remember you are in Gods hands now...use them to balance yourself :-)
Love you,
Great News!! I am so glad you are making such progress and your attitude is amazing. Take care. Jim

I'm so glad you made the decison to walk everytime you leave the house. That is going to help you so much and faster at the same've heard it all but I can only and always say that so are such an example for so many people that get depressed or sad for silly things. We should all follow your example and keep our heads up.
We love you...

Ana & Manny
So--if you are going to be robot, we're going to have to give you a designation akin to C3P0 or R2D2. How about BR549?
Yay for getting your approval, thats fantastic news!!

Its good to hear that you're also making progress with your robot great to hear that you have the patience and strength to deal with the kids and the questions like you have.

Keep up the great progress :)

Love princess Annie x x
Are they really robotic legs? Certainly they are the same size as your last legs in reference to being skinny...ha,ha

Keep up the hard work honey, you are doing great!! Great attitudes are contagious, yours is certainly worth catching...

Have you put lots of hair on the legs, especially the tops of the feet to make them look more realistically yours?

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