Sunday, October 22, 2006


One Year

October 22nd. You know how there are days that you will never forget where you were or what you were doing? I will never forget where I was when the space shuttle exploded or when the airplanes hit the World Trade Center on September 11th. October 22nd has become one of those days for me. Oddly enough I began October 22nd last year with many of the same concerns that I have today-getting ready for Halloween, finishing report cards, preparing for a field trip on Monday, and thinking about Wednesday's parent conferences. Perfectly normal. Yet today I am also filled with vivid snapshots and memories of October 22, 2005 and the days immediately following. The middle of the night phone calls, the rush to the hospital, seeing Jeremy in the ER, the first group of supporters to come off the elevator, meeting my parents at the door of Methodist Hospital... Normally I block this stuff out-but this morning lying in the dark (Madeline climbed in my bed far too early) I allowed them to come.

We are so lucky to have Jeremy. There is no doubt in my mind that we almost lost him-not just once but several times over that timeframe. His resilience and determination continue to amaze me even today-one whole year later. It is stunning how much has been accomplished in just one year especially when you consider the initial prognosis. It is also overwhelming to think of how much more there is ahead but I have no doubt that Jeremy will handle it with the same amount of grace and style.

It is also overwhelming to think about all of you. Our family, friends, and supporters. We are so appreciative of everything you have done-prayers, visits, house cleaning, meals, phone calls, babysitting, and your generous donations to Jeremy's account. You were here for him and here for us and I for one will never forget that.

So, to wrap this up (I can be so wordy sometimes) I echo Colleen's words. Jeremy's determination has been truly inspirational. I look forward to seeing and reading about all that will be accomplished this year-maybe we'll do the mini! I am choosing to treat today as a celebration of life and a humble reminder of how quickly it can change.

Here's to Jeremy!

Sarah -- Yes, I also remember so clearly getting the call with the news. When the phone rang so early in the morning, I knew something must be wrong. It was Heather giving me the news, and I remember it taking a few minutes to process. I just couldn't believe this had happened to Jeremy, especially since we'd been bowling just a few weeks before that.

People from our church continue to ask about you, Jeremy. Along with the medical updates, I always mention the positive attitude you've had despite all the life changes you've been through.

Since we are not official contributors to this blog site, we know that not everyone will see this (we understand that there are many people who read the blog but not the comments). But for those of you who do we want to add to what Sarah & Colleen have written this day. Although October 22nd of last year was a nightmare, it has also brought us many blessings as well as the miracle of Jeremy still being here with us. How could we have gone on without him??? We have been blessed with the love, support,& prayers of family, friends, colleagues,& the kindness of strangers. We could not have gotten through this past year without each & every one of you. A very special thank you to Matt, Joe, Keryn, Mary,& Mike who were so instrumental in rescuing Jeremy that night. Also to all the medical personnel from the EMTs to the doctors, nurses, therapists, technicians etc, etc, etc. The danger in starting a list like this is in leaving someone out! Of course, there were many medical staff that we don't even know about. However we must also give a special thank-you to Rene, who has gone above & beyond in helping Jeremy achieve his goals. Most especially we must thank Jeremy for showing us all what courage & strength & determination look like. We are so very proud of him and also of Sarah who has helped us in so many ways. We hope you will continue to pray for Jeremy as he continues on his journey to recovery....perhaps it wouldn't hurt to pray for one more miracle - that the extra bone growth in his hip simply dissolves so that he can stand straight & tall & get his balance back. Reading back over this we know that words cannot convey how we really feel. Just know that we thank each & every one of you from the bottom of our hearts. Patty & Robb
As we sat in church this morning, I found my mind going back to last year---on a Sunday morning. Sarah's 3 am phone call...the silence as we drove to Methodist.. hugging Sarah as we stepped off the elevator..seeing Jeremy..the vast, dark waitingroom..empty except for a handful of many vivid memories flood back over the many days and weeks......waiting for Jeremy to begin his healing..and to wake up......

We have all witnessed a miracle... and we are all stronger because of Jeremy.....

We Love You,

Merrilinda and Skeets
God bless you, Jeremy. God bless you all.

I can do all things through him that strengthens me hope, gives me unconditional love, let's me walk on through the valley of the shadow of death for I fear no evil,thy rod and staff they comfort me, helps me help others in praising his glorious name. He allows me to forgive...for those things and more we praise our Lord. For giving us one more chance...

Jeremy - thank you for making it look so easy. Through your determination and grace. We all shall live another day knowing that ANYTHING is possible if we believe.....

I love you my friend,

A year, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes, 31536000 seconds AND ONE huge lesson from Jeremy to all of us: everyday is a gift. Jeremy thanks for changing so many lives with your determination and inspiration. Sorry you have had to go through this but we have all learned so much by your example. Take care and hang in there.
No doubt, the best is yet to come for you. Jeremy. Congratulations on an incredible year. Fran
God bless you and your family. You have made such great progress; I so admire your courage and determination.
Marie Fuehner
I think we all remember where we were. I had rented a clubhouse for Katie's 13th Birthday Party on 10/22/05. When I wished Katie "Happy Birthday" this year, her first thought was of Jeremy. She has voiced guilt that such a happy day for her is a "sad" day for you. I believe that miracles happen on 10/22 - she was born one year and you were spared another.
We think of you all the time.
Cousin LIsa
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