Thursday, October 19, 2006


Quilts, Cars, and Curbs

I know, one of these things is not like the others. Almost one year ago many of you visited me in the hospital while I slept. While many of you were there you left me messages on quilt squares. Some squares were taken to work and other places. Cindy Carpenter had the idea and Denise Rogers made the quilt. I think Mom wanted the quilt to be a surprise but I heard about it in the hospital. Mom kept hushing people when they'd talk about it but I'd still hear them. Well, Mom and Dad brought me the quilt this week.

I can't tell you how much I am touched by the quilt and the thoughts and emotions that were put into it. Thank you all, thank you all for the support, love, and prayers you have given. The quilt is, of course, on Star Wars material so it fits in perfectly with my house. Cliff's wife Kellie actually has an order to the way she describes my collection. (Perhaps, if we're lucky, she'll describe it for everyone in a comment.) :)

This past week was very positive. My friend Rob from Purdue (the best school in Indiana) came to visit. On Sunday he went to church with us. Sunday began like normal with me putting on the legs and leaving the house to meet my family for breakfast. When I left the house I discovered that Rob was driving a car, not an SUV. Up till then I hadn't tried to get in a normal car with the legs on. It worked and then I had to worry about how I would get out.

When we got to the restaurant Rob parked on the street so, not only did I have to get out of the car but I also had to step over a curb to get on the side walk! It worked and I walked into the restaurant for the first time. Madeline sang at church, it was the best concert ever.

On Monday Renee and I met with another amputee who is also a Prosthetist. He had some great suggestions and was very positive about my situation. We met with my Prosthetist today and some changes are going to take place. Another new socket on my left leg and my left leg will also be altered to compensate for the alignment of my hip. This will hopefully allow me to stand straight up and put weight evenly on both legs. We'll see...

Hi Jeremy!

You've had a busy week! I remember filling out a square and look forward to seeing the completed quilt! I know it was emotional for all of you...and for all of us. I also met Cliff and Kelly when they came to visit's hard to believe that was a year ago already.

We're so thankful that you continue to get stronger and that adjustments are made to help you walk more comfortably.

We love you dearly...

Merrilinda and Skeets :-)

Sounds like another productive/positive week. Keep moving forward.

I'm not sure if I can comment on the quilt, the curb, the restaurant, the car, as I am appalled by your comments on Purdue being the best school in Indiana.
Shame on you - we all know Notre Dame is the best school in the State. Although I did graduate from Ball State (that doesn't count).
On a lighter note, you are moving right along aren't you? Congrats again on a GREAT productive week. See, we all knew you could do it honey. Keep up the good work !!!!
Love ya,
PS: Hi Kellie and Cliff
Aww that quilt sounds amazing. I wish I could've done you a square too, its a great idea.

ANd well done on all the walking, getting in and out of the car, and the continued amazing improvements.

Everyone is so proud of you Jeremy, Im so pleased things just get better all the time.

Love Annie x
Aww that quilt sounds amazing, what a great idea!

Well done on all the walking, the getting in and out of cars, and all the improvement! So proud of you, keep up the great work!

Love princess Annie xx
Good God, I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm trying to recall what order I may have described your goodies in, but I'm coming up zeros. Did you see the Star Wars Mr Potato-heads in Wal-Mart's paper? Interested? I hear Santa is coming soon...
PS- Hi Marsha!
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