Thursday, November 02, 2006


Great Strides

Last week the Prosthetists made some alterations to my left leg. Because I can't straighten my leg all the way they moved my knee back behind my leg (that's the best way I can describe it) so that I can stand straighter and my left leg still hangs in the position that is naturally comfortable for it now. I still can't stand straight and let go of the crutches for long but it's much easier.

One of the biggest benefits of the new alignment is that my left leg is much more stable which has allowed me to walk at more of a normal pace. My back doesn't get tired as quickly so I can walk farther as well. With the new found comfort level I've been practicing more and attempting more obstacles.

Last Sunday was Communion Sunday at church. The last time we had communion I stayed in the wheel chair and one of the Pastors came to me. There are three ways that we can do communion at our church. You can kneel at the altar rail and take communion when you are ready, go to a station where you dip the bread in the wine, or wait for the Pastor to come to you if you are unable to go forward. This time I walked forward to one of the stations although, I really wanted to kneel. (I didn't kneel because I figured that if I could get on my knees I might have to spend the rest of the service in that position.) Just going forward seemed to cause quite a stir as many people told me it made them cry.

Renee met me at church after the service was over. There were several obstacles there that I wanted to try. The most important to me was to see if I could get in and out of the pews. I've been sitting in my wheelchair in the aisle. It doesn't bother me to be in the aisle but, on the off chance that I can't stay awake, I'd rather be in the pew. (it's less obvious that way) So that was the first thing that we worked on and it worked out well.

The next thing I wanted to try was to see if I could kneel at the altar rail and get back up on my own. Getting down was the easy part but, to my surprise, getting up was easy as well. (I think Renee was more surprised than I was.) After that success we moved to the steps.

Going up and down steps is awkward. Up till then I had gone down a few steps very slowly. I had not attempted to go up. With Renee's help I figured out that the way I had been going down steps was a little dangerous and that it would actually be both safer and a little faster if I went down sideways. Going up is pretty much the same as going down. We practiced this for a long time and it became a fairly comfortable motion.

Later in the week we went to a Halloween party on my parents block. We left the wheelchair in the car and I sat in a normal chair in the yard. Today Mom and I went out to dinner and I sat in a booth. I still need the wheelchair but I'm getting more comfortable leaving it behind.

Always glad to hear of your progress...
Sleeping in church should always be at the top of your list :D
I love your planning ways on it being easier to sleep at church, haha.

Great update as always, glad to hear things are still progressing well.

I've booked a flight to come visit in Jan, so we will have to try and arrange to meet up. But I'll email you about that closer to it.

Keep up the great work!

I can't tell you how moved Liz and I were when we saw you come forward for your first communion on your new legs!
So Jer,

Does your preaching pastor read this blog.....

The best way to awaken a sleeping congregant (so we ARE taught in seminary) is to say the person's name during the sermon. It's VERY effective and I have tried it! I might call over there and suggest it....Great update buddy! Waiting to see you here at the dealership!!
Jeremy -- How awesome you're doing! And I am so impressed with Renee's dedication -- to come out on a Sunday and spend that much time with you to make your Sunday worship go more smoothly. It's good to hear you've got such dedicated people working with you. :-)

How humbling it is to realize that even taking the Lord's Supper is so challenging for you.

You're doing great!


I am still ever so amazed at your progress and determination to keep going forward each and every day! It's been a incredibly tough year but you have shown all of us what it means to appreciate life.

love, Betsy
i am so happy to hear that every week you are meeting new challenges and and moving forward. i have to ask you this, though: do you snore when you sleep? if so, does sitting in the pew deaden the sound so people don't notice as much? hahaha! actually i'm just glad to hear that you're improving each week - keep up the good work!

We were talking in Bible Study this morning how we would react to something traumatic in our lives. There is a young man, well he is 41 now so he isn't such a young man anymore, but nonetheless, he is an inspiration to all of us. He has been in a wheel chair as long as I have known him (about 15 years) and is in lots of pain with no hopes of walking again but he is always at church and is a great friend to everyone. One of the things that I mentioned is that we really cannot predict how we would react to adversity such as you have experienced but we all would hope that we could handle it with the wisdom and grace that you have shown. Our dear Lord sent us the Holy Spirit to help in times such as this and we see His evidence in you. Keep on keeping on. We all love you.
Hey, that is AWESOME news about walking in church. Isn't it amazing that the first steps in our lives was given to us by our gracious Lord and now your taking steps in his house...keep up the good work!!
I know I know Renee from school, so I left you a VM to see if I could get her last name...we'll see...
Until then, keep up the hard work my friend, your doing GREAT.
Love you and miss you terribly,
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