Thursday, November 16, 2006


Keeping on...

The week began with an open house for my parents neighbors. After church on Sunday we went back to my parents house and where many of our neighbors stopped by to join us for desert. After the accident they rallied around my family, as did many others, helping with errands, food, and many other miscellaneous tasks.

During that time I'd get to visit briefly with many of them. They'd see me laying on the couch or exercising on the floor. I enjoyed their visits as it was a rare opportunity to see people who knew me when I was a kid and, to meet the new neighbors who have moved into the community since I left home. However, very few of them have seen me since I moved back to my house and continued to recover.

When we arrived home from church I decided to try walking up the ramp from the driveway into the backyard. This was a first as that ramp is at a steep angle and isn't exactly level. (This is due to the shape of the land in that place, not the craftsmanship, which is superb. It was built last winter by a combined effort of neighbors, members of the congregation, and other close friends.) We left the wheelchair in the car and it stayed there the entire day.

The legs stayed on from about 8:00am until 7:00pm. It felt so free to be able to move about the house without the wheelchair. There wasn't any pain, just a little discomfort every once in a while. The discomfort comes mostly from the occasional phantom pain, which would be there anyway. Sometimes the angle I'm sitting at has an impact on the comfort because it will put more pressure on one area of my residual legs but that is easily corrected. It was great to share that day with the people from the neighborhood.

The rest of the week continued in that fashion. When I went to get my hair cut the wheelchair stayed in the car. I had to maneuver some steps, sit in a barbers chair, and get up from the barbers chair. It was also the first time that I wore long pants. (The kind with the zip off legs that can also be shorts.) I decided to give these a try in order to prevent hair clippings from falling in my joints.

We brought the wheelchair when I went to U of I, where I practiced more stairs. It did come in handy to rest in after going up and down without the crutches, which really helped my momentum, but we left it in the car when we went to lunch. You should know that the thing with not using the crutches on the stairs is not a new thing. I don't actually use them during that process as long as there's a railing. Due to my bull headed nature (thanks Dad) previously I had always kept the crutches with me because there's not always going to be someone with me to take them.

Though it did help me to increase my momentum I think the real lesson is that I need to let others help me. Sometimes I want so much to be independent that I make things harder on myself by pushing others away. It's one thing to be able to do something myself, it's something else entirely to refuse assistance when it will make things easier.

That lesson to let others help us is a toughie ... don't be surprised if you relapse there now and then! It was great to see all of you Sunday. We tend to focus our attention on how far you have come, but I was remembering stopping by your parents' house a year ago, and it is wonderful to see them (and Sarah and your precious niece) doing so well, too. I expect the holidays are going to be very fun for the entire Warriner family this year. Blessings. Fran
I am so glad to see how much progress you are making.The lesson you are learning to let others help us, is one that we can all be reminded of now and again.Maybe you can come to dinner the next time all of us get together.That is if you can put up with all of our chattering for an evening. You keep up the good work....Della
You've always been stubborn from day one when I first met you...but it is a good trait (thanks dads everywhere).
It was fun talking too you yesterday, we need to do that more often...
Keep up the good work honey, your doing well. I know they love having you back at work, besides it gets you out of the house.
Nothing wrong with your mom dusting your house probably needed it !!
Love ya,
Just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, Jeremy. We are thankful to have you in our lives.

Love from the beach,
I think some of that bull-headedness runs in the family. i remember my dad and his trials after his stroke! it IS hard to accept people helping you when you are a young person (or think you are anyway) and disabled. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the rest of "our family".


WOW, you have been busy. The legs look great, you look great, and I was thinking you should write a book! There is soo much information in this blog that could be shared with families that face the same challenges. What a motivator to know that you have endured this incredible challenge. You amaze me every day. I love to read the updates, and I always smile...knowing that you are still Jeremy. The web site for the Walden is fabulous. They are lucky to have you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We all have soo much to be thankful for....Love always, Ali & Jimmy Tucker
Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the family. Your family here on the east coast has survived another storm and for that we are very thankful.We are most thankful for your progress during this past year.You are one special young man.
P.S.I visited the web site.Looks great!
It has been forever since we have written. The holidays give us pause for thought(today is Thanksgiving) and we automatically thought of you.
So glad to know that progress is always the direction you take.
I am and always will be inspired by your strength.
We are okay over here.
Had a strange six months actually as Tom had had some unique challenges with his health.
A severe endocrine system imbalance put us all in a "growing" emotionally and spiritually.
We are good though and Tom is getting back into work again.

Hope to see you over the holidays.

God Bless, The Stergars
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