Friday, November 10, 2006


Returning to work...and other stuff

So, yesterday was Thursday, and no one reminded me to do the blog! The funny thing is that the last several weeks I haven't needed a reminder but, people were reminding me anyways. This week, no one reminded me, and I forgot. I probably wouldn't have remembered at all except that when I got to work today (yeah, I'm typing this from my office) Christy, the housekeeping supervisor, told me that she had a surprise for me and that I needed to come downstairs. When we got downstairs Jeff, the maintenance supervisor, was standing at the end of the hallway and opened my office.

Now, you should know that I usually avoid my office like the plague. Before the accident I was pretty physical and didn't spend much time sitting at my desk anyways. Generally my desk was covered with papers and other stuff that would get placed there as I was on my way to a different area of the hotel. After the accident my office became a supply dump for anything that didn't have a home. When I started coming back to work I wasn't too upset by this because storage space is at a premium here. But, as time has passed, the condition of my office has bothered me more and more.

I started to suspect that something was up when Jeff opened the office and Christy told me that the office was where we were going. To my surprise they had cleaned it out and rearranged the office. Christy, who is like a mother hen, said that she was tired of me having to go around obstacles and that they wanted my office to be functional for me again. It feels good to be able to work in my office and not be surrounded by junk again. I'm here once a week, usually on Fridays, and it is starting to feel normal again. For the last several months I've been working on a new website for the hotel. We finally went live this week. If you're interested in looking at the property go to Let me know what you think.

Aside from work, the rest of the week has continued to be productive. I met with a Renee and a group of students at U of I (Indianapolis, not Illinois) for physical therapy. We worked on floor transfers (getting up from the floor). The thought was that if I fell someplace where there was nothing for me to pull myself up with, how was I gonna get up? We tried several different methods but nothing really worked.

Picture me laying on my stomach, doing a push up and then walking my hands back until my legs were straight under my waist. Once in this position my fingers were still touching the floor. It basically looked like I was trying to touch my toes but my legs were spread wider. Once in that position I couldn't lift my hands off the floor without tipping forward. Unfortunately I just don't have the balance to stand without some type of assistance.

Realistically, what are the chances that I'm gonna fall some place where there's nothing that I could crawl to, to help pick myself up? The only place that I could think of would be if I was in the middle of a field. When the question was asked "why would you be in the middle of a field?" The only answer I could think of was that I had lost my horse.

I know this is a little delayed...but it's just amazing what this year has brought.
I continue to look up to you and pray for you daily.
Your final paragraph makes me think it's time for you to start a new sideline...... writing comedy !

You are such a hoot!!! It is funny how things come full circle - a year ago we were all worried about holding you up and now I,for one, look forward to you brightening my week.
What a treasure you are, Jeremy.

Love from the beach,
Hey, Jeremy!

I'm playing catch-up on your blog. Surprisingly enough, the cake business is suddenly booming!

That was really thoughtful of your co-workers to clean up and rearrange your office! I'm sure they're all very happy to have you back at work on more of a regular basis.

It sounds like things are going really well with your walking! I can't wait to see you in action! Hopefully we can get together soon!

Keep up the good work and make sure you tie up your horse well when you're out in a field so it doesn't get away!! ;)

You know a good sense of humor is a special gift, not everybody has it.

Loved the web page, you have been busy.

Keep up the hard work it is paying off....

Didn't know you liked horses?

Love ya,
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