Saturday, January 13, 2007


Adventures in Pilates

You may recall, way back when I first started walking, Dr. Carbone said that I needed to have buns of steel and six pack abs. Buns of steel I've got but the abs have not followed suit. Several doctors and therapists have recommended that I take pilates. My first attempt was a beginners pilates DVD but it didn't really work.

The majority of the excercises on the DVD were from either a standing or a kneeling position. Standing won't work because I just don't have the balance to stand unassisted. Kneeling was a problem because my legs aren't even. I tended to tip over which seemed to bother the cat and dog. (They were usually in the landing zone.) So, to avoid flattening the animals I decided to go back to my old excercises. I prefer the old excercises because most of them are done laying down which allows for brief naps in between excercises.

For Christmas Mom and Dad gave Sarah and I pilates classes. Mom had found a Pilates studio near my house where one of the trainers is also a PT. Mom spoke with her and discovered that she knows Renee. Renee and Angela, the trainer, touched base and it was decided that we would start off with some private lessons and then join a mat class. Last week Sarah and I had our first lesson. Renee came along to provide Angela with some clinical info on me and make suggestions about how we could modify some excercises.

The excercises were difficult but, even after one session, I could tell I was feeling better. That may just be because the soreness over powered the normal aches and pains. I did have some issues with headaches throughout the week. Renee has diagnosed this as a pulled trapezoid and taped up my left trap. (I think she secretly enjoys the pain this will cause when I pull the tape off!)

Since the tape has been on I haven't had any headaches so, obviously, Renee's magic tape has worked again. Sarah and I had our second session of pilates today. We're continuing to adapt the excercises and figure out what works for me and what doesn't. With any luck this will help me progress with the two main challenges that Renee and I are working on.

As my core strength increases I should find it easier to balance. At therapy this past week I worked on standing without holding on to anything. I can only maintain my balance for about ten seconds at best. It takes alot of adjustments in my hips and I start to look like I'm trying to do some strange hula dance just before I lose my balance all together.

I also took several steps with only one crutch this week. Core strength is pretty important for standing and also walking. The few steps I took felt pretty out of control. Renee was holding on to a gait belt and staying pretty close. She was impressed with my walking but I don't think either of us are ready for me to try it alone.

I know it was the first time I really tried to do it and I shouldn't expect it to be perfect. I just have this problem with wanting everything to work immediately. The reality is that it took time for me to start leaving the wheelchair behind and it's going to take time for me to start leaving one of my crutches behind. It's simply another test in patience.

I think your "core strength" is quite evident! The physical core-strength will improve daily.

You are also continuing to make progress in the department of amazing all of us with each of your accomplishments. Way to go!

“Faith is not simply a patience that passively suffers until the storm is past. Rather, it is a spirit that bears things - with resignations, yes, but above all, with blazing, serene hope.”

~Corozon Aquino
I'm glad to hear that I was not the only one who had some 'residual effects' when trying Pilates! Wish I had had somebody with 'tape magic' around when I had to walk backwards because it hurt too much to walk forward. (Quite a sight, I assure you. I was just glad it hit AFTER church rather than before :) I wimped out; glad you are working through it.
Almost everyone today has been affected by the microwave mentality: if it takes more than two minutes and one move to complete, it's too much trouble! We rarely cook from scratch, we rarely complete 'projects' which cause us real hardship, we look for the easy way. Your life has been tremendously enlarged this year, and it spills over to the benefit of those around you. You go, Jeremy!!
Pilates - are you NUTS? Well, if it helps you than I say go for it. Let me know when the soreness wears off...ha!!
Why can't you do anything easy for a change?
Hey, how about those Colts? I'm glad to hear that Renee is back in the picture, I have missed her.
Hope you are having a great 2007 so far...
We will get together soon, promise! I miss your smiling face.
Take care and love ya!!!!
I'm sure it's frustrating but maybe if you look at just how far you've come, that will help. Maybe a timeline or something visual. But you're a young man and you've been cooped up without your independence for a loooong time now. I think you are remarkable with everything you've accomplished so far so keep hanging in there, Jeremy! We're all rooting for you (and of course for the COLTS this weekend!)

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