Friday, January 26, 2007


Keeping Vigil

Yesterday I spent the morning at St. Vincent's hospital. (Don't worry, I wasn't there for me.) A friend of mine was having an exploratory procedure done and asked if I would sit with his wife while she waited. For the most part the outcome was positive. Afterward we went out for lunch and then they took me to therapy at U of I.

During lunch my friend thanked me repeatedly for accompanying them to the hospital. The thing that struck me about it the most was that he stood vigil for me and my family, as many of you did, while I was in the hospital. Even after the worst of it was over he still made it to the hospital whenever I was in for susequent surgeries. So, here's my friend, thanking me for being there, while I'm thinking of all the times he's been there for me.

No thanks were necessary. In my heart and mind I was supporting my friend and allowing some of his good deeds to come back to him. I only wish that I could do the same for everyone. Granted, he kept thanking me partly because he was so hopped up on morphine that he forgot that he had already thanked me! Later, after he'd had a nap he called to thank me again and admitted that he didn't really remember much after we left the hospital.

Therapy yesterday was a huge success. I'd had my legs on most of the day and knew that topping it off with therapy would do me in. Renee picked yesterday to give me a new challenge. One that required balance, endurance, and skill. (Well, ok, it was luck, not skill.) For the first time since the accident I shot a game of pool. By the time we were done I had lost one game, won another, and was sweating like a stuck pig.

Earlier this week I sent an e-mail to my Godfather and his wife explaining what C-legs are. I mentioned them in a blog update a while and I apparently have not explained what they are. They had e-mailed my parents asking about the C-legs and, after I replied, they suggested that I answer more questions on the blog so that people wouldn't have to e-mail me separately. The only issue with that is that there haven't been many more questions lately. So, I'm throwing this out there, if you ask questions in your comments I will make an effort to answer them each week. This would also be a huge help for sparking ideas. I look forward to hearing your questions!

This is more of a request than a question, but could we get some more pictures??
I can send some ones from say...1992? hehehe...
Altho more recent would be better.
Maybe some of the new kitty?
when can I play with your star wars toys? I miss you uncle Jeremy!
Okay, so what are C-legs? I'm sure there are a lot of us out here who don't know and it would be a good one to explain to everybody.
Also, I'd like to see a picture of the quilt that was made for you when you were first in the hospital. I'm sure it's a beautiful quilt and there are probably a few people who haven't seen it or who weren't in on the making of it!
Jeremy, I'm just curious what your ab work-out entails. Could you give me the names of your excersizes? I'm a bit of a work-out finatic.

Ah, let the questions begin...but I do have to admit that more pictures would be appropriate for your blog. C-legs? Are we sure your not mentioning "sea" legs? HA, sorry couldn't resist.
I take it your new challenge yesterday was either shooting pool or balancing yourself around the pool table.
How is work going? I don't have your email address that would be nice.
Have a great week and you are forever in my prayers honey...
Miss you terribly,
Mary-Camille-I think the ab workouts are called the exercise of death-at least that's how I fondly refer to them. Perhaps Jeremy has a different point of view! :) Sarah
I know abs that can be "the excersize of death"==I guess that is what they have to be to be effective. ha ha. Some of my favorites (if you call it that) are planks, I have a "harsh" series of crunch type abs that I do on my back, push-ups off the excersize ball (the big blue ones not the medicine ones), sitting near a wall with my feet perpendicular to the wall (hope that I remember my math okay--I did major in it, but I frequently forget what I learned) oh, back to the wall, you throw a basketball against the wall from this seated position with your legs straight out. Anyway, I could go on and on and I must go to bed. It's just the I really admired the PT's that worked with Uncle Harold at Methodist--I thought that if I was just entering college that would have been my major. Good thing that I didn't major in that though, because I don't think that I would have met John. Now that I've managed to put you to sleep, log-out and take a nap on your couch under a warm quilt. Signing off from Fredtown VA, Mary-Camille
PS: I've thought about going back to school after the boys finish. Is 55 too old?
Hi Jeremy,

Do you have an email address or a myspace account that you could publish? Just in case someone wants to get in touch with you without posting a blog comment.

Now Jeremy, don't think that just becuase there aren't many responses, that there aren't many readers. I, and I'm sure many others, still read every week.

By the way, I'm taking Anna out to U of I on Feb. 12th to let the 2nd year students work with wouldn't happen to be going out there that day, would you??

Thanks for coming over and hanging out with us the other day. It was great to get to see you even though your card playing skills may not be as sharp as your pool playing skills. :-)
Just kidding! We all were really excited to see you....don't be a stranger!

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