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On Thursday I tried to update the blog but I couldn't turn my computer on. It was getting power but it wouldn't respond to the power button. On Friday I spoke with an IT person about a project that I'm working on at work. I asked him about my power issue and he recommended I remove the battery and the power cord. I got it working again but was so frustrated with the whole thing that I decided to wait until today. I'm glad I did because I have something very unexpected to report!

Before I get into that I should update everyone on the car situation. The new wheelchair works well. It's made out of aircraft aluminum so the frame is very light. Dad and I spent yesterday checking out different cars. The sales people at the different dealerships brought the cars I wanted into the service bays so that I could test getting the the wheelchair in and out. The selection is now down to the Ford Focus and the Honda Civic.

The modification needs have been sent to Indiana Voc Rehab so they can start the bidding process for the mechanical work. The modifications consist of hand controls for the brake and accelerator, a spinner knob for the steering wheel, and a guard to go infront of the brake and accelerator pedals. The guard is removable so people with legs can still drive the car.

Once I've purchased a vehicle it'll be sent to the company that wins the bidding process to do the work. I've spoken with the two companies that are bidding on the job and they both said that the modifications should only take a day. After that several characters who have been involved in the story have to meet with a federal inspector who will ensure that all safety standards are met. Once that's done I'll have my car! I want the process completed by mid April at the latest. The councilor from Voc Rehab says it will take much longer than that but all the other characters see no reason why mid April won't work.

So, I have some bad news, I broke my left leg today.

Now that you've recovered from the shock, I should tell you that what bone I have left is fine. It's the metal part of the leg that I managed to break. The Titanium and industrial strength Aluminum leg is the part that I broke. My housekeeping supervisor says that if I could manage to break that then she's not giving me anything anymore.

I was walking at church and my left knee bent as I was stepping forward with my right leg. I collapsed on top of the leg instead of falling forward or backward. Someone commented on the fact that, with all the snow outside, I decided to fall inside on carpet! When I got the legs out from underneath me I could tell something was wrong. I was sitting on the floor with my legs straight out in front of me and my left knee wouldn't go down to the floor. Once I go back to standing my left foot was up on the toe and I couldn't get the heel on the floor so, no walking.

Several people asked if I was ok. I replied that I was fine but my leg was broken. Some folks asked how much this would set me back. The fact is that it shouldn't set me back much at all. I won't have to deal with a doctor or a cast. I just need to go to the body shop!

I've been following your blog since it started, and think you're strength is amazing. Thanks for continuing to share your story. I would love to see some updated photos on the web!
Jill Reinhart (Sarah & Maddie's friend from IU)
body shop ... you are too cute. :-)

Glad your computer fix was simple.

Can't wait to see you driving your car -- that will be a picture for the blog, for sure!

Love you!

You scared the _ _ _ _ out of me with the broken leg thing----thanks for following it up with a laugh. Glad you are okay. M-C in Virignia
Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy...mmmm, just wanted to say it out loud.
Broke leg, no car, fresh snow, working way too much. What you need is a vacation !!!
Have you checked your email at work? I have been sending you stuff.
Honda Civic, great car, remember it took you to the wedding in Brown County that very hot July day.
I love your sense of humor, I actually look forward too it in the blog.
Missing you,
Well thats great news that you are closer to getting your car! I hope its not too much longer now.

You also scared me half to death with the broken leg thing. Glad its something that causes no extra pain!

Loads love from the whole family!

Annie x
Good grief Jeremy! Falling inside and breaking your "leg" was very considerate for your family which sounds just like you! I'm really glad that plans are moving ahead on your car so you can regain even more independence although I have to wonder if you had had your car this past week, maybe your fall would have been on the snow and oh well....these things work out the way they're supposed to, they say, and I'm just glad you didn't hurt anything worse than you did! Hang in there and keep up the'll take you a long way on those bad days and pretty far on the good ones too.

Love ya
Honda definitely has much better resale value, holds its value much much better than anything American...I had a Focus it was a decent car, lost half its value on trade in after only 1 year...
just 2 cents :)Something to think about for the long run.
Glad to hear you now have a car. I know you can't wait to start driving.I am very sorry to hear about your friends brother.I will say a prayer for his family.Keep us up dated on the progress of the new legs
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