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Exhausting, this week has been...

(As Yoda would put it.) Working two days a week for the past month has been an easy adjustment so I figured adding a third day this month would be no problem. Some how I'm now at the point where I only have one day a week to sleep in! Saturday's I've been getting up between 6:30am and 7:30am depending on when Pilates is. I'm generally up at 6:30am on Sunday's. Monday and Tuesday this week I was up at 7:30am for work. Wednesday I was up at 6:30am for a therapy session. Tomorrow I'm up at 7:30am for work again!

I realize this isn't really early and that most of you are probably up at 6 or earlier every day. But I've been sleeping till 9am regularly for over a year. Up until this week I still had Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday to sleep in. Before the accident I got up pretty early and stayed at work pretty late but I still had two days a week to sleep in. I'm not even working full time and I only get one morning to be lazy!

I've fallen asleep on the couch several nights this week. When that happens, my 15 minute ritual of bedtime becomes a 45 minute task. The increased activity is helping though. I stood without holding on to anything for 30 seconds at therapy and walked at least 500ft. without stopping for a break. That felt great!

I realized, as I was checking for comments each day, that I had not answered one of the previous questions in last weeks blog. The one that I did last Thursday. The one with the pictures. I kept checking that one, thinking that there might be more comments than usual. There were actually less than usual but that's beside the point. The question I hadn't answered was about how to contact me off of the blog.

Since the blog is a public venue, and I don't necessarily know who's out there, I'm not going to post personal contact info. If you are comfortable putting your e-mail address in a comment, I will try to contact you. However, many of you know that I'm very bad at responding to e-mails so, I'm not making any promises. If you're not comfortable putting your info in a comment the only thing I can recommend is to find out if the person that told you about the accident knows my e-mail or how to get it.

This is actually kinda important because some of the women at my Dad's office, the Puzzle Palace, have been scheming to find a way to assist me without giving me sweets. (veiled hint here) Instead of giving me sweets they've come up with a way to give me the instructions to make/bake the sweets and other things. They're compiling a recipe book which will be sold as a fund raiser and will also be entered into a contest. (The funds being raised will probably go towards the C-Legs (Argh! I'm goin' on a boat!) if you don't know what I'm talking about then you obviously didn't read last weeks update!) If you are interested in either contributing a recipe or puchasing one of the books, once it's done, then you should contact us.

An interesting dilemma we find ourselves in. I'm asking you to contact us but I'm not telling you how to contact us. A little detective work, on your part, will be required.

At least until the masterminds of this scheme tell me how people should contact us. Once I know that I'll post the info. The thing is I don't usually know what I'm going to say until I type it and 11:38pm is too late for me to call anyone from that generation. (or most of the people from mine too.)

Oh yeah! I got the new wheelchair today! I'd include a picture if I thought people would look at it...

Did you know there were pictures on the last update?

(That was for my Niece.)

ok, yoda wannabe, a comment! You still amaze me. Rejoining the working world more often is a good thing...........and sleep is highly overrated - obviously. Keep up the fantastic work.

I think the recipe for Cherry Cobbler should definitely be in the recipe book. And I know how to contact your parents, so I'm all set! That one day a week of sleeping in will be so appreciated - but look how far you've come; the thing you're missing is early morning zzz's.

I am going to post something here to artificially inflate your comment total since you are fishing for comments.
and here is a second comment.
I have your sister's e-mail address so I can check with her, maybe, about the recipe book but I'm wondering if the "powers that be" behind this recipe book idea would be interested in recipes for diabetics! There are a lot more of us out there than people realize but maybe you wouldn't get enough diabetic oriented recipes to devote a whole section to them. I could send a few of my favorites and maybe if you put out the word in your next blog, you could get more.
Just a thought for you and anybody who reads the comments to consider.
Ok, all of this so called effort to get up in the morning has made me tired....
Are you complaining about work? Just think, your taxes will be less this year.
And as far as contacting you, I have tried at the hotel. They seem to be very protective of you and won't release your information so, I'm going to put my personal info out there and hopefully, someone in your immediate family will respond.
please send me Jeremy's email address, I don't care if you don't respond, I just like writing too you.
Now, go get some sleep...
Love ya,
Marsha Shoemaker
Yay for a new wheelchair, although it sounds like you're needing it less and less nowadays.

I will see if I can find some recipes, but Id be interested in a copy of it once its done. Im trying to become a good housewife and cook more, haha. Im pretty sure I have your email if it hasnt changed recently.

And boo on less lie-ins :P

Loadsa love annie x
Anyone that has my email address and wants to send a recipe is more than welcome to do so. I can easily forward it to these lovely people who are working so hard to put this together. Diabetic recipes, kids recipes, even playdough and paper mache are fine! The more the merrier! Although I think Jeremy is really pulling for the sweets...
Here's a comment...first Smallville and Stargate and now Star Wars??? You must be delirious from lack of sleep. Don't you watch any real tv or movies? Ha!Ha! Maybe that's what we should be giving you, not recipes!
PS Even when my son was first born I didn't get up at 6:30 or 7 and I still refuse to do so three years later. Yay for sleep! There is nothing better! I pray that you get to sleep in soon.
Hi Jeremy,
In the March issue of Reader's Digest magazine are several articles about medical breakthroughs. C-legs are mentioned and pictured in the article called Battlefield Advances. It's good to know more about c-legs...and we know they aren't cheap. I know the cookbook will be a huge success!
Congratulations on your continued success in walking! We're sure proud of you......

When Heather told everyone in choir about the recipe books, at least 5 people immediately said they wanted one....and we know there will be many more! I talked to your mom last night and will be sending her some family recipies.

Love You,

Merrilinda :-)
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