Friday, February 23, 2007



Here are a couple of pictures from this weeks therapy session. One is a picture of my legs mid stride that show the plate that I've been having trouble with on my left leg. It's at the bottom of the socket before the leg continues down. The other shot is of me standing in the parallel bars trying to balance without holding on. You may notice that my right hand is resting on the bar. Even though I'm not holding on it is still giving me some support even with minimal contact. (Rest assured that when I stood for a minute and a half later in the session I was not touching the bars.) Sorry folks, no pictures of Renee yet. She's the one controlling the camera. If you haven't read this weeks update yet please read on. It's in a separate post because I didn't have these pictures until today.

Very good -- and you did a great job uploading the pictures ;-).

My 3yo, Brooke, was standing beside me when I pulled up the page and when she saw you, she excitedly said "There's Uncle Germany!" :-D

Keep up the hard work!

Will you marry me? I love the look great !!!

Keep up the hard work Jerms !!!!

Next picture: Renee $13.00
Next blog update: Jeremy $15.00
Next story: Driving, priceless...

Something like that...
Love ya,
Great pictures, Jeremy!! You know, if you hadn't given it away that you hand was slightly touching the bar, I wouldn't have noticed!! It's amazing that you're able to stand unassisted!

Colleen, the Uncle Germany thing is hilarious!! :)

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