Thursday, February 22, 2007


Quiet week

There's not a lot to report this week. Since I couldn't get to the last update until Sunday it just seems like very little has happened this week. I didn't work on Monday because I was getting my leg fixed. The piece that had broken was the plate that offsets my knee to compensate for the limited motion in my hip. The plate is made out of Titanium and has a 15 degree angle in the middle. I bent the piece an additional 15 degrees when I fell which is why I couldn't stand straight.

The Prosthetist didn't have the a plate with the right angle so he got as close as he could and made some minor adjustments to the leg to assist. It's a little bit more difficult to walk but it keeps me on my feet until the correct plate is received. Renee took pictures at Therapy this week but I don't have them yet. Once I get them I'll post them so you can see the plate. I stood for a minute and a half this week. Once again I was unable to stand that long a second time but I'll continue to practice.

The only other exciting news is that I have approval to buy a car so I'll have more to report on that situation soon. Once I've purchased a car it will probably still be a little while before I can actually drive it as the modifications will still need to be completed and inspected. Still, I can't believe we're finally getting close to having the car situation resolved!

Don't forget that Sunday is the deadline for recipe donations. I posted the e-mail account for recipes last week so just scroll down if you don't have it. Thank you so much for all the support you've shown. I'm truly honored and your support helps me feel much more comfortable as I move toward the next set of prostheses. This Tuesday I'll be meeting with Dr. Carbone, Renee, and the Prosthetist and we'll be talking about the C-legs. Insurance has finally paid off the first set so we can start seriously discussing this next step. Keep your fingers crossed!

Jeremy ..... Most of this is very welcome news. I can strongly recommend the Honda. Our 92 Accord is still doing well at 170,000 miles. Ford has "produced" a lot of unhappy people in our area with the impending closing of its F150 assembly plant in Norfolk that has been a major manufacturer in our area since 1925. We look forward to the recipe book...... Harry
I agree with the choice of the Honda. The only Ford's we've had experience with have been problems. And the resale value on the Honda is much higher, I'm sure.
I hope you don't mind, Jeremy, but I gave this web address to Billie to show the therapists on her Rehab unit who they were supporting by buying the cookbook. We wanted them to be able to see the pictures of you. By the way, the therapists were horrified that the insurance considered your new legs to be a "luxury" item! Love, Sally
Jeremy-I'm sure that you know my opinion about cars-but thought you should see it in writing. I LOVE MY HONDA. I have loved all of my Hondas-even the egg! :0)
Congrats on your Honda. I understood from Donna you signed final paperwork on Saturday.
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