Monday, February 19, 2007


Recipe book

I forgot to mention that recipes for the book can be e-mailed to I think the deadline is this Friday. Oh, by the way, the leg is fixed. If you haven't read this weeks update read on...

Jeremy...You also scared me but reading on made me aware once again of your sense of humor.
Now at North choirs have processed down the aisle, preachers have processed, children have processed, brides have processed Bach rode into the sanctuary on a bike at Bob Schillings retirement party but I don't think I have ever seen anyone walk in to church carrying a LEG. Sarah did a wonderful job which proves once again that North is a very diverse congregation and I don't think anyone made much of a stir seeing Sarah with her extra appendage. Blessings on you and what you have given to all of us.
Looking forward to seeing you again at church no matter what goes on with you. LRussell
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