Sunday, February 04, 2007


A request

In the dark days, when my health was in a life threatening condition, everyone who was aware of my condition (which is a startling number) turned all of their positive energy toward my healing and recovery. For some time now my cousin, Denny Heiny, has been fighting colon cancer. Now the cancer has spread to his pancreas and elsewhere. I don't know Denny well but I do know that he is a kind man, loving husband, and adoring father. So I ask now that everyone focus their efforts and positive energy on helping Denny and his family. If you know them, reach out to them, both physically and spiritually. If you don't know them then reach out to whatever divine power you believe in with a focus on healing Denny and supporting his family. Thank you.

I couldn't have said it better myself. Perfect! Dad will be touched when I tell him.

Beth Ann
Jeremy ... I have marvelled at the support of the Calvin Family at the times of crises, including yours, through out the last several years. Now that you have called on your greater team of supporters to focus on Denny, I can only sum it up in the words of Robert Shuller..... and God's people said WOW!

Denny and his family are in my prayers.

Paul's epistle tells us to pray without ceasing...that gets easier and easier as time goes on and we realize the many, many battles going on around us. Thank you for putting Denny's need out to this practiced band of warriors: they were told this past weekend that he will not be able to have chemo because his body is not able to heal.
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