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Many Things

Last week I chose to talk about feelings and emotions as opposed physicalities. This week will be much more grounded in the happenings of the physical world. As a result this may seem a little disjointed (and a little long winded), partly because I have to go back and fill you in on last weeks happenings and some other stuff that has been behind the scenes. I'm sorry for the delay in getting this out. Sarah and I have Pilates on Thursday nights now and I don't have the energy to think afterward. I would have done the update earlier in the day on Thursday but I was driving. (Yes, the car is finally modified!) Since I am now working Mon, Tue, Thur, and Friday I'm going to try to start updating the blog on Wednesday's again. Not sure how I'll schedule it next month when I get back to full time but, I'll find a way to keep it up!

Last Monday (almost two weeks ago), as I was walking into my office, my right socket buckled. I didn't fall but had that foot forward and couldn't shift my weight onto it to walk any further. Luckily someone was in the office and he grabbed my wheelchair so that I could sit down. When I got the leg off there was a big wrinkle in the socket. It was no longer usable. Mike, the Prosthetist, ordered the permanent sockets and I got them last Friday.

Unfortunately when the old socket buckled it also sheered off a small portion of grafted skin on my leg. The skin hasn't healed yet. Last Friday, when I got the permanent sockets, I bandaged the skin so that I could try the new sockets out. I'd stand and walk in them, tell Mike where they were pinching or rubbing, and then he would take them and make adjustments. This went on for about three hours. We got them as close to perfect as possible and I took them home. Due to the open wound on my leg I haven't been able to work with them much.

I did wear them to a funeral this past Wednesday where I walked a little. The new sockets are, for the most part, more comfortable than the temporaries were. They come up a lot higher, which occasionally causes some pinching in the groin (ouch!), but also offers a lot more support. In fact, as I was standing at the graveside portion of the funeral I realized that I was putting very little weight on the crutches and was almost standing on my own! The other benefits to the new sockets are that they have a different suspension that makes them easier get on and off, and they have allowed me to lose about an inch and a half in height!

At the funeral I also had the opportunity to reconnect with my friend Zenmandan who, based on his comment from last week, is very ecstatic about the upcoming benefit concert (he is a musician after all). One of my Fathers co-workers has a connection to two accomplished vocalists who apparently expressed interest in working with the performing arts students at Broad Ripple High School (my Alma-mater). From what I understand the two vocalists will be working with the students for a week and then performing a concert (mostly classical I think) at the end of the week. My Fathers co-worker took it upon herself to ask the Superintendent of IPS and the Principal at Broad Ripple if they would be willing to turn the concert into a benefit for me. Both said yes. I'm so touched, and can't wait to walk the halls of my high school once more!

The concert is on Friday, May 18th, from 7pm to 8:30pm. Tickets are on sale now, $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for students.
For information people can call Dot at(317)502-8412 or Julia at (317)226-4791. Julia has tickets at the IPS Education Center, 120 E. Walnut St, Indianapolis, In 46204 on the 6th floor. Hopefully Zenmandan and his lovely wife will join us!

This past Monday I received a call from my councilor at Indiana Voc Rehab telling me to drop my car off at Superior Van and Mobility on Tuesday. The hand controls were installed on Wednesday and I picked up the vehicle on Thursday afternoon. Today I drove to work for the first time in over a year! It felt great although, to be honest, I missed the company of my Mother, Father, and JoAnn Hatfield who have been doing the majority of the driving. I promise I will get a picture posted soon. The weather has been pretty nasty and I want to give a great shot.

In regards to the recipe book, sales are going well. However, if you've sent orders to Maureen hopefully you've noticed that her e-mail address on the info I posted was missing two important letters. Her e-mail address is actually If you didn't notice please resend your orders. We want everyone who wants one to have an opportunity to get it. I'm very excited about both fund raising projects and extremely thankful for all of your support.

Lastly, while at a church dinner after the funeral on Wednesday, I met several people who have been following my progress since the accident. A few of them mentioned that they would love to make comments but don't know how. In order to make a comment click on the link below the blog entry that says "comments". This will bring up all of the comments people have made to that particular entry and there is a place on the right hand side of the screen to enter your own comments. I love hearing what people think about what I'm putting out here so, even if you don't know me personally, please feel welcome to share your thoughts.

Jeremy, I am so pleased to see that your car is "operational" for you! I can't imagine the thrill it gave you to be able to drive once again. I only know how I felt driving after I hadn't been able to for 6 weeks so over a year is just awesome!
Guess the next big event will be the c-legs. I meant to mention that a few weeks ago there was a story in the Reader's Digest magazine about a soldier who lost his legs in the war and even though both legs were amputated, only one was above the knee. He was able to get a c-leg for that one and told how remarkable it was to be able to walk "normally" with that leg. Stairs were no problem for him. I wish I could remember which month it was in so I could pass that information along so others could read it if they are interested. Perhaps I'll look for it later and post it on your blog comments.
Meanwhile, enjoy your car!
Prayers for you.
Marilyn Becker
things move forward - congrats on the car - but I did tell your mom that I might tease about finding an alternative way to take Mother to the doc for awhile - (Naab Rd - go right up Harcourt - hmmm) - but I'm teasing. The concert sounds great! I'll tell you like I tell my girls - drive careful - don't speed - Eva Jo
Jeremy, I found the Reader's Digest with the article about the c-legs. It's the March 2007 issue. Perhaps some of your "regulars" to your blog would like to find and read it. I'm sure it will help them to better understand what your are looking forward to and why. Your explanation was great but this is an actual experience with the legs and helped me understand them better.
Marilyn Becker
Jeremy -- I would love to have posted a picture of you driving your new car since, as you know, I was following you on Saturday.

But I'm afraid it wouldn't have been a very good picture since it's hard to get a good shot of such a fast-moving target! Sheesh, cousin, slow down! I just about couldn't keep up! :-D

Be honest, were your mom's knuckles white?


Thanks to Marilyn for the RD article info.

I found the article online here:

New Medical Technology Leads to Battlefield Advances
Great news about the car, I love my Civic, as I'm sure you will too.
Glad to hear you are working more now, something to keep you occupied, I'm sure...Ha, like trying to walk isn't enough?
I haven't heard anything about Renee, still on the scene?
Sorry to hear about your losses last week, I'm sure you were touched by their passing.
I have read that article on C-Legs, interesting stuff.
So, this whole thing about getting a new car, C-Legs, benefit concert, etc your not trying to get outside and enjoy the weather or anything are you? Tired of being cooped up for the winter partner? Good for you....
Just no mini-marathons yet ok.
I'll talk too you soon,
Love ya,
Glad to hear you are "On The Road Again". Have you taken up going for Sunday drives? Believe it or not, that is what we did for entertainment when I was a kid!
Keep moving forward, Cousin - be it by Train, Plane, or Automobile (on by C-legs).
Love from the Beach,
Hey Jeremy...We love your new car..and you look quite comfortable behind the wheel already. By the way, Colleen told us she had a hard time keeping you in sight as you lead her and Heather through the back roads of Brown County! :-)

Love, Merrilinda and Skeets
I am so glad you were able to be there for everything at Denny's funeral. I agree that the funeral procession was a very challenging drive--the funeral home was estimating 45 minutes to get everyone all that way on those winding, up and down roads. Keeping a reasonable space between all those different cars--AT, manual, heavy, light--was a real challenge. And your car arrived with no wrinkles :) (Unless your mom put some in the dash or door handle?? ;)
You didn't mention your bravery at the cemetery: a muddy slope between 30 and 40 degrees that people had trouble with on their own feet. Thank goodness for Pilates preparation.
It was great to see you behind the wheel again. King of the Road!
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