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This Week

First of all, if you've been reading the comments from last week my Cousins are making me out to be a speed demon. On Saturday I drove to Brown County for my Cousin Denny's funeral. This proved to be quite a test of my ability to control the car with the hand controls as we were on many curvy roads. Colleen followed us back to Indianapolis. My Sister was in the car behind us and Colleen was behind them. For the record, I followed the speed limit the majority of the time. Occasionally I bumped it up to five miles over on the straight aways. My Mother can support this as she could see the digital speedometer in my car the entire way. (see the picture that shows my point of view)

Driving again has been a wonderful release. I've driven myself to work, Pilates, the funeral, and today to the hospital to support a friend and his family while he was in surgery. (quite a role reversal) I also drove to IUPUI where I spoke to a class about my journey from the accident till now. It was a great group of students who made me feel welcome from the moment I arrived. They asked some intelligent questions and were engaged with me the entire time. The last question that was asked was "what makes me happiest now"?

The answer was walking, working on the blog (which includes reading comments), and talking to others about the accident and where I am now (especially other amputees who are just starting down this path). What I left out was driving and listening to music while I drive. The independence that has come in the past week has been tremendously refreshing. On Monday night I went to the pharmacy on my own to pick up a prescription. Today I went to get a haircut. Simple things, yes, but they're things that I needed help with a week ago. I guess the short answer to "what makes me happiest now?" is living. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

That's a fine looking automobile you have there! Glad to read you're getting out and about on your own. Whenever you want to take a trip up to the Fort, let me know. Sara and I will be waiting with open arms.
Great pictures! I was fortunate to see the new wheels in person--very nice sunroof by the way, is that in the pictures?--and smell the new car smell. You just can't bottle that smell. I love driving and listening to music as well. Give me some Jon Bon Jovi, Joe Jackson, Squeeze, and Toby Keith, and I'll arrive in Viriginia Beach in no time at all. Take care. Love, Mary-Camille
I'm sure it feels great to have more of your independence back! Enjoy the spring behind the wheel of your new car taking "Sunday Drives". I have always liked exploring new roads and love taking different ways to the same old places. You're never lost if you have a half a tank of gas and a little sunlight.
Jeremy, The car is great! Now you can enjoy driving to work, going on errands, visiting friends, and the little things that you used to take for granted. It is also so wonderful that you are speaking and helping others. You are an inspiration and we are so happy for you. Love, Bruce and Carolyn
We love reading your thoughts and comments about life, Jeremy. We're thrilled we got to see you driving your beautiful new car, and we continue to thank God for your life and miraculous recovery.

We Love You,

Skeets and Merrilinda
Wow, you should really consider yourself lucky that you count 2 Squeeze fans among your friends.
Love the car, it's quite sharp.
Driving still amazes me personally. I often get this weird sensation of "Wow! I am old enough to drive!" even though I have been driving since I was 18.
Some things never lose their appeal, independance is definitely one of them. Reminds me of a line..."I'm not there yet, but I'm getting there."
Great News! You look great in your new car. Take it easy.... I tend to believe your cousin as I have ridden with you before. Glad you got some more freedom back. Hope work is going well also. Take care.
Again, if I wasn't already taken I would marry you in a heartbeat...
Anyway, love the Honda, kinda looks like mine except I got 4 doors because I'm older :-)..hee,hee;
Glad your getting out and about, does wonders for your spirit !!
Keep up the hard work Jeremy you are an inspiration to ALL of us !!
Just be careful (yes, mom).....
Love ya,
Hi Jeremy,
I know it's been a looong time since I posted. My new boss would rather be fed and have his diapers changed than let me play on the internet, but I have been checking in on your blog now and then. Congrats on the new car. She's a beaut! I'm glad things are going so well for you, and that you're getting your independence back. That's a wonderful thing! Sorry I missed you while I was in Indy. The hospital life kept me pretty tied up, and then our departure came about rather suddenly.

I hope things keep getting better and better and better for you. I may not be able to post often, but I'll definitely keep reading.

Erin Longwell
Hi Jeremy,
I just wanted to let you know that I thought you did an amazing job presenting in Mary Jo's calss. I think you had half the calss in tears. You are a great motivational speaker.

I hvae not idea if I am blogging correctly or if I need to sign in. Your web wage is wonderful too.
:-) Katrina Markov
Hey Jeremy,

This is Roleen from IUPUI---
I'm the one who asked your favorite question :) Just wanted to say hello and hope your week is going well. Mary Jo said you might come back and visit, since many people were absent and didn't get to meet you. Thanks for sharing your story with us and continue to bless others with your strength and faith.
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