Friday, March 09, 2007


This weeks news

Well, about the biggest thing that's happened this week is that I finally got a new pair of crutches. The reason I needed a new pair of crutches was that my old ones were run over last week. For some strange reason I forgot to mention this in the last entry. "How did my crutches get run over?" you might ask, and "by whom?" You would never expect the answer.

Last Tuesday morning Dad picked me up to go meet with Dr. Carbone. That was the appointment where we talked about the C-legs. Seeing me walk was a big part of that. So, as we were backing out of the driveway, imagine my concern when I saw a pair of flat crutches emerge from underneath the car. Luckily the flattened parts were only the parts that attach to my forearms. I was able to bend them back into shape and only one crutch was dented. So Dr. Carbone still got to see me walk. They still had to be replaced since the integrity of the crutches was compromised. The new crutches are much sturdier than the originals so, thanks to Dad for taking out the old ones!

No major progress on the C-legs to report yet. Mike and I are still trying to get the perfect fit on the sockets and work out the suspension. We may even try out some different types of legs before going to the C-legs, just to be sure we've weighed all of the options.

The car is a dark grey color called "galaxy grey". It has a very sleek shape and a huge windshield. I haven't been able to get a good picture of it yet because it mostly sits in my garage. When we've had it out I haven't had the camera with me. Once I have a good picture I'll get it posted. The process to get the hand controls installed has begun. I'm expecting to hear from the company that will be installing them early next week. My hope is that the I'll be driving sometime in the next three weeks!


Your description of the dismise of your old crutches gives me some cause for concern. We parents and grandparents often think of ourselves as "crutches" that help our offspring through life. You thanked your dad for "taking out" your old crutches in a cruel and dispassionate manner. I have a few more years of wear and tear on my bones than your dad, but I do not feel that our integreties have been compromised. I would like to think that he and I still have some value in our later "crutchety years" and are worthy of a more honorable retirement than being "taken out" a la gangland style. ...... but I am glad the new ones are working well.

My 92 Accord is also a dark grey color that was called "rosewood". That always reminded me of a rosewood casket. That reaction to the odd name apparently was not prophetic. We are both putting right along with little more wear to show for the last fifteen years.

Cousin Harry
Congratulations on the wheels. Hope they fare better than the crutches....
Is it a him or a her and what is the name? Can't wait for the picture of you behind the wheel!
I love my Honda Civic and it too is grey...very pretty color. Your right that windshield is huge, you shouldn't have any problems seeing traffic in that thing, remember we took it too Brown County. That very hot July day :-).
Glad your doing well sweets, keep up the hard work.

Couldn't you get a convertible with hand devices? Much cooler in the summer time.

Take care,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day and get everything that you want and deserve :)
Happy Birthday from VA Beach!!!
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