Wednesday, April 04, 2007


More firsts...

happened on Sunday. Since then my week has been more normal than I have had in over a year and a half. Once again I am driving to work on almost a daily basis. Once again I'm pumping my own gas. Once again I'm taking care of my own needs without having to rely on family and friends to get me where I need to go.

Now that the skin on my right leg has healed from the small injury caused by the old socket I'm starting to walk more often. On Sunday I decided it was time to wear them for an extended period again. When I was getting ready for church I decided to put the legs on before putting on my pants. I have a few pairs of pants that were modified with long zippers along the inseam so that I could get the legs on and off without having to take my pants off. This was important because I didn't have the balance to stand up and pull my pants up like other people. Also, I frequently had to take my legs off to make adjustments. I didn't like the idea of finding places to take my pants off just to make adjustments to my legs. So Mom and our neighbors the Cutino's came up with the idea fore the modifications.

The new sockets are considerably larger than the old sockets, and they come up higher. Also, I have to stand up to get them to lock into place. I'd had some difficulty getting them on with the pants already on so, Sunday morning, I put the pants on the legs, stood up, locked the sockets into place, and then pulled my pants up. Sunday was also the first time that I stood for every hymn. Feeling pretty confident after church, I drove to St. Vincents hospital to visit a friend who had surgery earlier in the week. All of the handicapped parking was full so, I parked in the middle of the lot with everyone else and walked into the hospital. The walk to his room was long and I did take a break in a waiting area about half way there, but it was the first time that I went someplace by myself and walked a long distance by myself.

Today I went to therapy on my own, where I continued to work on standing. (no real progress there) After therapy I drove over to the federal building to take care of some things at the Social Security Administration. I had to park a block away because they don't allow public parking, even handicapped parking, at the Federal Building. I used the wheelchair for that excursion, but then headed over to the Posthetists office for some more adjustments when I was done at the SSA.

Last week I mentioned that the new sockets pinch. Also, if I'm not careful, when I sit in a narrow chair it feels like I've been kicked between the legs. (that's only happened once, I'm careful now) So I stopped at the Prosthetist on the way to work yesterday to have some adjustments made. They shortened the left leg (yep, once again it was too tall) and made another adjustment to help with the pinching. After that I took them off to give my leg more time to toughen up. Today we figured out that the sockets are now rubbing against each other, which changes the way I walk. This time the made an adjustment to my right leg. I'll try it out for a while and, hopefully won't need to go back in. It's a lot of trial and error, which is something that I need to accept. Ultimately, with all the adjustments, we'll get to a perfect fit.


Congratulations on your renewed independence!! You continue to amaze me with your progress. I can't imagine how great it feels to be able to go places on your own again!

Boy, if they keep chipping away at the length of your legs, you may eventually wind up back at your original height!! :)


How exciting for you to be getting your complete independence back. Give me a call and let me know when you're ready to go have a celebratory drink; on me, by the way!

Beth Ann
Hello Jeremy -

I chose to spend time today (for reasons unknown), logging onto the family website, checking out postings and viewing photos. Something I'd done only once previously several years ago.

I came across your your stories and comments from others..... I was very, very inspired!

This will come as a surprise to you, but you have been in my thoughts on a number of occassions since your accident. I cannot express to you these thoughts in words, other than to say that I believe we all discover our faith in our own unique ways.

I believe nothing in the path of life is accidental. I believe we are all provided choices from the mundane to life altering. It matters what we do with these choices and the effects these have on others.

I want you to know how much I appreciate and how meaningful your words are to me.

Take advantage of the opportunity you have been given.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!!!

Jeremy -- I love reading about your continuing "firsts". You are doing so great!

Oh, and about my supposedly false claims about your speeding, I'm afraid you're going to have to prove me wrong by taking me for a drive...maybe to the nearest DQ? Of course, if that's our destination, I might *make* you speed! :-D

Love you,

Hi Jeremy!

Thanks for sharing all that's been going on....what a week! I've thoroughly enjoyed reading about your MANY new firsts and continue to thank God for your miraculous recovery.

We Love You,

Merrilinda and Skeets
I need to clarify, in Jeremy's defense, that I indeed was riding back from Brown County with Jeremy a couple of weeks ago, & he did not speed!! As a matter of fact, he even slowed down on the curves! I have been in cars following others before when I was just sure they were speeding only to discover that they had the cruise control set for the speed limit or 5 miles above. I think sometimes if you get a slow start behind someone it is hard to catch up. Trust me, he was being very careful. Otherwise, I would have been making my feelings known to him! I tried to post this a couple of weeks ago, but was unable to get on. Robb & I are so proud of Jeremy, you can't imagine! However, now that he has his idependence back, we do miss being his drivers & spending so much time with him! We love you, Jeremy! Mom
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