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At 9:30 tonight I finally got home after a long day of work. Last night I got home at about the same time. This is the nature of the hospitality industry. It's actually a slow week but, we are preparing for a renovation and, therefore, utilizing our slow days to get prepared. A friend of mine sent me an e-mail this week threatening to kidnap me if I continued to work this hard. She also pointed out that I would never meet that "special someone" to start a family with if I'm always there. I've been so busy that I haven't had a chance to respond to her. Heck, I'm typing this during the commercial breaks on Lost.

It feels good to be this involved in my work again. I'm not going to allow it to consume my life the way it used to. In order to do that I have to find a balance which means working more on some days so that I can work less on others. Another piece of it is that I started the renovation before the accident and, now that we have approval to finish it, I want to see it through.

Something I left out last week has to do with the bright side of the hectic schedule and long hours. There are moments interspersed throughout the weeks that I would miss if I wasn't working again. One such moment was on my ride home last Wednesday. As I was approaching Indy from Greencastle it was partly sunny and partly rainy. Perfect weather for a rainbow. I was treated to not one, but two, one faint rainbow on top of a more vibrant second rainbow that reached from the northern horizon to the southern horizon in the eastern sky. I had never seen both sides of a rainbow before but, more impressive than that was that I saw trees, grass, and patches of road in the distance that seemed to take on the colors of the rainbow. It was as if I was seeing the end of the rainbow, although, it moved further and further away from me as I drove closer to Indy until it ultimately faded away.

I saw this as a good sign of our travels to come that weekend. The flights went great. My worries about security and the handling of my wheelchair proved to be unnecessary. The Airport/Airline personnel handled everything very well and tried to make the experience as easy as possible for us. The hotel did a nice job. (even though it failed my inspection) My cousins wedding was beautiful and I walked for both the Rehearsal dinner and the Wedding itself. I also walked on and off of each plane and then rode the wheelchair for the long distances in the airports. All in all it was a great first air travel experience!

Jeremy - Glad to hear things went well with your first flight and the wedding. I'm assuming this was a cousin on your dad's side?

Let us know when the inn's renovation is complete -- maybe there will be a ceremony of some sort? We would love to see the finished product.

Hope to see you on 6/23 at Mom & Dad's. (that is on your calendar, right?!!)


Jeremy-you forgot to tell them about entertaining Madeline on the plane. Didn't you say that 1 hour of your duty was the most exhausting plane ride you ever took? She had a great time with Uncle Jeremy...
Totally forgot about the plane survived, no worries. I wish I was there when you went through security checkpoint #1. They took all of my goodies because it wasn't in a plastic bag. Like to see them take your to love airlines.
Kidnapping you is an option so that we can do something together next week. I'll keep that in mind if I don't hear from you.
It's funny to say "slow down" to you because you just got your life back but in all reality Jeremy -run towards the rainbows my friend....
Keep on smiling...
Glad to hear everything went well for David's wedding and the flight and even 'Madeline-entertaining'. And your poor cell-phone; what a way to go... I guess it was helpful for it to go on the weekend when you have a little more "free" time. Oh, I guess that just means time you don't get paid for, right?
Love, Florence
Hi Jeremy,
We had wonderful visits with Sarah and Madeline this past weekend. Even though Sarah was tired from traveling and her busy work schedule, she made time for us which I consider a blessing.
Madeline didn't say much about the plane ride but told us every detail about your new car! : )
Pam Moore
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