Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Just a quick update tonight

I spoke with Renee this week about the plan to move towards the C-legs. We are definitely moving ahead with the process. It will still be several months before I actually have them as a lot of things need to be worked out. New feet and possibly another fitting just to mention a few.

The new feet I will be getting will be more responsive and more adaptive. I wish I could describe them better but I really don't know many details. I may even need to try a few different brands (types?, whatever the right word is, anyway...) to be sure I have the feet that will give me the right amount of assistance and support.

As I've said before, this is going to be a long process, but it is going to happen. It is exciting but, I've got to admit, I look forward to the day that life is no longer about the repercussions of the accident. A time when life is just life. Getting the C-legs will move me closer to that time. It will still take several years for all of the dust to settle. (it's as if a Volcano erupted in my life) However, each achievement, like the C-legs) gets me one step closer to having clear skies again.

Happy to hear you are working on getting the C-legs! You mentioned life being so much about the repercussions of the accident - I hope you are finding some time to enjoy life too! I think I know what you meant by looking forward to when life is just life again, but really - none of us ever know what that's gonna be from day to day(as you are well aware), so try not to get too wrapped up in things and forget to live each day, since whether any of us like what's going on in our lives or not -this is it! You know what they say, don't forget to enjoy the journey! and we might as well try to enjoy it since we have no choice but to be on the journey:)
We have missed you in Sunday school so I sat in your chair last week, just to keep it warm for you, you know.
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