Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Cookbook featured in Indianapolis Star

If you have a chance today check out this link:

This should lead you to an article about the cookbook. The title is Five In a Fix (just in case the link doesn't work). There are five recipes from the cookbook that have been printed and rated (quite highly I might add). Check it out-you might be one of the lucky ones who was published! There is also ordering information for the many of you who have requested more cookbooks.

Also-while you're looking at you might want to enter People's Burn Foundation in the search box. That should lead you to an article about their Summer Ice event that was held this past weekend. As you read you will notice that our own Jeremy Warriner received the Champions of Courage award at the black-tie optional affair. He was surprised-and boy, was it a hard secret to keep for so long. I'll let him write about all the details as soon as his writer's cramp heals-he signed about 5 boxes of cookbooks after the award ceremony!

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