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Independence Day

As today is Independence Day, I'm choosing to be independant. There's not alot to report this week, and I'm going to be pretty busy for the next several days so, this one's on you. This weeks blog is gonna be all about the comments! Eventhough I'm not posting anything, take the time to let me know about you, what you're doing, what questions you have about my on-going struggles and achievement, etc...

I will say this, I'm running out of ideas and could use some inspiration, so inspire me please. By the way, cookbook sales are going great, we just received another batch and I think it's almost sold out. Thanks so much for your support! Also, a special word of thanks to my cousin Beth Ann, who recently held a jewelry sale to raise more funds for the legs! (What's so special about this is that, when we were kids, she thought I was a mean little boy. I have no idea why, thank goodness she likes me now!)

Ok, bring on the comments!

Hello Jeremy,
My comment is to share an idea I had for the cookbooks. Down here in Virginia Beach, we have a lot of church bazaars where you an rent a table/space for about $10. I have 100 cookbooks coming to me that my kids and I are going to gift wrap (for different occasions) with ribbon, gift tags, etc. that we will put at some shows. (We will have some unwrapped for display). I think this will sell really big at the fall shows and they can be picked-up, tag filled out and put under the tree at Christmas. Some will also be wrapped as hostess gifts, bridal shower gifts, birthday, etc. The only investment will be the space rental and the giftwrap plus a little time.
I hope this works and will keep you posted.
Cousin Lisa

What do you think happened to the Petrelli Brothers from the television show Heroes? Do you think they Nathan survived?
Uh ... I knew you when you were 4 .. you were NOT a mean little boy!! Must be some other reason .. maybe you got more chocolate ice cream than your cousin did or something like that.

Here's what I've been up to for over a year - and it was partially inspired by your accident, but mostly by Laura Crawley's illness. While you were in the hospital, and so many of us were so eager to help your family, and we had no idea how to do it, I was coordinating support for Laura's family as Laura battled brain cancer. Space here will not allow me to go into the whole story, but what came of it is a new website ... it is designed to coordinate support for people going through a crisis or life-changing event. It allows people to create their own website which includes blog, pictures, guestbook and a calendar to coordinate all those needed things like meals, transportation, help building ramps, etc. The site also has lots of tips, ideas for cheer, and gifts to send. Laura went to School 70, as you did - you might want to check About Us and About Laura.

We're excited about this and hope it will help many, many people going through difficult situations.

You asked!

Hi Jeremy,

... interesting that I signed on to tell about the CaringBridge Web site and read Fran's mention of the WhatFriendsDo site. They sound similar.

In the most recent issue of Guideposts Magazine is an article called "A Healing Net" about a lady who started a Web site for her friends with a medical crisis, just like Sarah and your cousin did for you and your family. The author named the Web site which we visited many times earlier this year during a cousin's health issue.

Isn't it neat that the new technologies are helping us communicate in so many different ways, and helping you walk better? And even though technology is wonderful, it can't beat the awesome human spirit! You continue to inspire us in so many ways!

Love and prayers,
Pam Moore
Ok, I have a few ideas.
1.) Tell us how your work has made changes too you, for you, about you,
2.) MORE PICTURES,before and after Pilates,
3.) I don't think Renee exist,
4.) Cat replaced?
5.) Any vacation plans, if so, where ya goin'? Why?
6.) Tell us about an event at the hotel,
7.) Most memorable guest at your hotel that has touched your life like you have touched ours,
8.) You asked.....
See you soon, I hope, miss you terribly,
Love you,
Hi Jeremy,

I had a wonderful phone visit with you mom yesterday. It is amazing how the time and distance between conversations and friends can melt away when you talk with someone that is very special to you. All of you have continued to be in our prayers throughtout the years and especially since your accident. I know you grow weary from hearing this, but you are an amazing man. You wrote that people do not know what they are capable of handling until a horrific situation arises, but at this point you are certainly many people's hero. I believe you have quite a story to tell and your blog updates certainly qualify you as an author. Have you given thought to writing a book or at the very least an article for a magazine? What an inspiration and encouragement you could be to people who have not had the opportunity to hear your story! Maybe this has been suggested to you already, but just a thought.

I'll pray this is a good week for you.

Mary Jo
I think Lisa has an awesome idea with the cookbooks. These make wonderful gifts. I didn't know you could rent bazaar space for $10. One of my younger sisters bought a bunch of the books and she uses them as gifts too. She has baked the Key Lime Pie, puts it in a basket along with the cookbook, some lime green placemats and napkins - of course she also has the recipe maked with a lime green bookmark.
I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up (Jeremy,I hope you don't mind if I brag on the books). The Food Editor of the Indianapolis Star has contacted us and they will be featuring the cookbook in the Indpls. Star on July 18th. Jeremy, your family and friends really know how to cook! The Food Editor was very impressed with the quality and variety of the recipes - she has made several and has enjoyed them all. She will be featuring five of the recipes - I'm anxious to see which ones. She has also enjoyed reading all about Jeremy and has been a visitor on this blog. So, if you live in Indy, make sure to catch the paper on the 18th; If not, you'll have to check on-line,
When I was a littl girl I thought all little boys were mean. Nothing personal, I just liked to beat them up.
I think the reason I thought Jeremy was a "mean little boy" was because we were raised in COMPLETELY different families and I didn't know how to communicate with him. Also, I think there was an instance at a family function where Jeremy got to use the seahorse swing (or whatever they are called) when I wanted to use it; funny the things one remembers as an adult. It sucks that it took a car accident and subsequent tragedies to bring us close, but it did and I'm thankful for you, Jeremy. Your family was there for me during the most difficult time in my life and I hope we will always remain close. Not only are you a hero to people because of what you have achieved, but also because of your positive nature and comedic comments. I love you, and your family, immensely. Let me know when you would like to take that boat ride. The jewelry show was fun for me. It gave me yet another excuse to come to Broadripple (which I love) and visit with your mom and sister. I had a great time.

Love ya,
Beth Ann
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