Friday, July 20, 2007


Jeremy and .... (drum roll please)

his lovely Physical Therapist, Renee! This picture was taken at the award ceremony that Jeremy wrote about in his 7/18 entry.

-- Colleen (Jeremy's cousin)

Wow...Renee is real. Glad to see the one that has walked a long walk with the great one, that being the one who wears the pants. Now you figure out who is Renee and who is Jeremy. I'm totally confused. Love you both! LR
This is the part where I go, "I know her"...from my days passing others in the halls of U of I. Thank you Colleen for posting the pictures, I knew Jeremy wasn't going to do it. He likes to keep pretty woman too himself....
Renee, HUGE thank you for bringing Jeremy back to us. Keep up the hard work.
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