Friday, July 13, 2007


Links and a new picture

Here are links to the pages Jeremy mentioned in his most recent blog entry entitled "If I only had a knee" (scroll down if you haven't read that yet):

Click here to view the C-Walks (feet) info.

Click here to view the C-Legs info.

Also, someone requested more pictures, so I've added a new picture in the "Photos of Jeremy" section to the left. Pictured is Jeremy with his beloved niece, Madeline, taken in June at a family reunion.

(Jeremy's cousin)

Hey, Jeremy. You came to mind today, so I googled to see how you're doing -- couldn't remember the blog address. I see you're still a champion.

Keep on.
Those are some pimpin pedals!
Trying to get ahold of you about Saturday, drop me a line :)

Jeremy-- I just read about your honor from the Burn Foundation. (I admit to knowing about it in advance. Tee hee.) So deserving! Congratulations!

Love the picture of you and Maddy.

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