Wednesday, August 15, 2007



I have a very busy week so this is going to be brief. Last Friday I made my first and second attempt at walking with one crutch. The first attempt was very uncontrolled and ugly. With every step I thought I was going to fall. But, as Renee pointed out, I didn't. The second attempt was much more fluid, however, I was unable to stop on my own. Each step was also still very jerky. If I am ever able to eliminate a crutch completely (which honestly is a long shot) I doubt that I'll ever be able to walk smoothly enough to carry a drink or a plate of food without spilling it. This of course means that I will need many servants!

Faith my friend, faith moved a lot of mountains at one time. Although servants is a great idea. But that went out a long time ago.
You don't need to eat anyway do you? Besides, you have a roommate? I can see this is going nowhere, fast. Just call me I'll come over at least once a week....
Have a great weekend, stay cool,
Love ya,
Now you are definitely sounding more like the Jeremy that I know.
Obi Wan

Where did everyone go? As soon as you ask for servants they all disappear! Funny how that happens!

Wife. servant. What's the difference? A servant is cheaper in the long run.
Hi Jeremy,
Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away called Indianapolis, there lived a young man who talked of moving boulders ... and now he is moving mere stones and pebbles! You've come a long way. And you won't need servants because you can do this!!!
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