Saturday, August 04, 2007


Wishard Telethon

Be sure to watch the Wishard Telethon this Tuesday, August 7th, at 7pm on channel 13 (NBC).

Very thankful you are with us to tell the story.
It was very well have a wonderful team on your side.
Love ya...

Matt and the boys.
What a great segment - and so wonderful that you could inspire so many people. This journey is taking you in so many directions!

I missed the autograph session afterwards. It was a great show, very, very, very touching to say the least. Especially since I never saw the hospital pictures before then, I was a little shell shocked.
I like how they kept the camera on your butt the whole time...can I say that in your blog?
Have a great "hot" week you stud.
Love ya tons,
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