Saturday, September 15, 2007


New Pictures

Sorry for the delay this week. I've had a lot going on, both personal and professional. This is the first time in a week that I've even touched my laptop. At work I've barely been in the office (which is how I like it). Things are going well with physical therapy. We continue to work on extended standing, and my comfort level with different obstacles. I can now go up most steps going forward. Of course certain conditions have to be met, otherwise I have to go up sideways, but it's getting much easier to adapt to different conditions.

We didn't work on walking with one crutch this past week. I did do some one handed walking in the parallel bars but it didn't feel very stable. I told Renee that I didn't want to focus as much on walking with one crutch until I was more stable (one handed) in the parallel bars. I'm not giving up on this goal, but I feel like there are some more important things to work on in regards to maneuverability. Once I've mastered those things we'll get back to the single crutch.

Since getting the C-legs we've added protective covers to them. The protective covers also provide more of a "leg shape" in addition to protecting the actual leg from wear and tear. These pictures show the legs, sockets, and the hydraulics from some different angles. You can also see how they offset my left knee to account for the limited range of motion in my hip. From an aesthetics standpoint I'm really happy with the protective covers as they give the "leg shape" without hiding the fact that the legs are artificial. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Sweet legs!
Hi's Niki Hasse...Jerry Johnson's niece. I feel so very terrible about not stopping by here to say hey in such a long time!! He was telling me about your legs the other day and I just re-found your blog I had to come by and see what's been going on.

It is simply amazing how awesome you're doing!! Your legs are pretty neat and high tech looking. I've gotta take some time to catch up on all you've been doing...but from the initial looks of things you are coming along ;} SO VERY GLAD TO SEE THAT!!

I don't take comfort in other folks' misery. However...I look at how many obstacles you have to face and I realize my road has been a piece of cake! People tell me I'm an inspiration now...but to me...YOU ARE A HUGE INSPIRATION. I know how important having you to inspire me when someone says that to me now I'll be 2ce as appreciative of those words. Of course(surely you know this too) sorta feels odd to me when people say such things because I just did/do what I have to do...but it's always such a compliment and blessing to hear I've helped or made someone think in some way!! Hopefully it makes your day to know you've contributed to my life by having an extraordinary attitude(because it truly is hard to maintain at times)!!!

I'm extremely proud of how far you've come/your hard work and will continue to pray for some miraculous strides for you!! For some reason I can't get onto my blog. It's been out of commision for a good long while. If you'd like to chat my email is Take Care Sweetie and many good wishes for you!!! ~Niki
Those are some snazzy looking new legs!
I want to see you run, where are those pictures? These look like your old legs, all skinny and no tan...mmmm, but they look great.
Keep up the hard work, your a role model for the rest of us (sort of). Ha, just kidding...Miss you terribly, seems like forever since I last saw you!!
Have a good week,
Love ya,
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