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Tell me who you are

There's not much to report from this past week. I continue to be busy both at work, and in my personal life. Work has been too busy lately for me to find time to do the blog updates during the week, which is why I've done them on Saturday's for the past few weeks. My company (Sodexho) has a new Disabilities Task Force that is focused on making the work environment more friendly for people with disabilities. They sent a film crew out to interview me about the accident and how the company has supported me with my recovery and return to work.

On Monday I spoke to a physical therapy class at U Indy. They asked a lot of great questions and seemed very interested in my story. I'll be working with them again this coming Monday in small groups. I've really enjoyed talking to different groups of people about my experience. In some ways it's given me a way to make something positive out of something that could have been very negative. As time goes on I hope to do more to raise awareness of the needs of people with disabilities.

Since I don't have much to report on I thought I'd take a minute to ask about you. On the left of the blog page there is a site meter. This gives some interesting statistics about how many people are reading the blog and where they are from. I can figure out who some of you are just by looking at the city you're logging on from, but some of you are a mystery to me. I'm going to list the cities/regions that the last 100 visits came from. If you're willing please make a comment to let me know who you are, and which of these cities/regions you're from.

United Kingdom
Bombay, India
Los Angeles, Ca
Plano, Tx
Somewhere in the middle of the country (the map just says United States)
Humboldt, Tn
Saint Louis, Mo
Madison, Wi
Milwaukee, Wi
Elkhart, In
South Bend, In
Fort Wayne, In
Indianapolis, In
Cleveland, Oh
Upperville, Va
Brandy Station, Va
Earlysville, Va
Hampton, Va
Norfolk, Va
Washington, DC

I know who some of you are but I'm really curious about the rest. Also, I'm pretty sure there's more than one person in most of these areas. Just click on the "comments" link below and let me know who you are. You don't even need to write a message, you could just say "Annie O'brien, United Kingdom". (Except use your name and location instead of Annie's info.)

Hi Jeremy,
It's me Della in Carmel.I so look forward to reading your blog every week.
Sarah Moore-from the playroom. :0)
Harry and Lilla---- it appears we are identified as located in Hampton, Virginia rather than Virginia Beach (the "commonwealth's" most populous city)-- but Hampton is the oldest continuous English-speaking city in thecountry..
Colleen from Indianapolis! (Although I have to admit that right now, I'm posting from Virginia Beach! :-D)
(apparently, Lebanon gets lumped in with Indianapolis ;-)
Fran from Indianapolis-almost-Carmel. :) (aka Indy address in Hamilton County).
Annie O'Brien, United Kingdom , haha, except you already knew that :)

If you want it narrowed down though, I'm in South East England, near the coast :)

I was going to say that I'm probaby the furthest away but I'm pretty sure Bombay beats the UK!
the milwaukee probably came from the hull house. or my job, when i'm not working. :-D
Hi Jeremy: Checking in from Indianapolis like I do every week then I copy and paste and send it to Matt.

Love you, Mona & Bruce
Good morning,

Eva Jo - checking in WAY too early in the morning. Enjoy the day!
Hey Jerm, this is Marsha but I'm not going to tell you where I"m posting this from. No, it's not jail but my mental states only allows me so many beautiful places to post from so, I guess I'm stuck saying Indianapolis....ha,ha,ha because if I told you a beautiful island somewhere you would know it was a lie.
I hope you have a good week ahead of you. Keep on blogging baby cakes, look forward to it every week. My pathetic way of keeping in touch with you, since I don't write or call you...sorry.
I do love you though,
See ya,
Obi Wan

I don't see Polis Massa on the list...

Kim Black (friend of Sarah's; also, I am Maya's Mom-Maya is a friend of Madeline's-Madeline was also in my class at Parkview Coop); Indy
Hi Jeremy,
My name is Elnora Coffin, and I'm probably one of the locations you're curious about, or at least aren't aware of! Mine are the hits from Plano, TX (which is a suburb just north of Dallas) although I grew up in Indy. My mom works for IPS and has worked w/your dad off & on for years, and she came down to visit me shortly after the accident, which is how I "know" you. I've not posted before since we haven't met, but check weekly for blog updates...your faith and positive outlook are a continual inspiration to me and I'm sure many, many others!
I too check weekly to see what is happening to Jeremy, but have never commented. As I think you know, we are both very inspired by your outlook following your horrible accident on October 22, 2005. As we are both in the health field and have seen "lots", you have been the best to watch! I know it has been hard, but you seem to always look forward instead of back. I think we all could learn from this attitude! Thank you, Jeremy, for all of your inspiration.
John and Elaine
Katie Marlowe -- just up the street from you know who.
Clara Mae Goodman here in St. Louis!
Jackie & George Branham
Indianapolis IN
Central Ave (1 block over and .5 miles down from your parents)
North Church members
We know a nurse who was on duty when you arrived at Methodist.
We check this site weekly.
We pray for you daily.
We watch you in the halls and in the pews at North often.
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JinAyla, Anderson, IN
Total stranger here. I have a habit of browsing through random blogs in search of interesting and inspiring life stories. I found your blog shortly after your accident and have followed your progress ever since. I am located in Orange County, CA.

Best wishes
Hi Jeremy - It's Sky - Comments from South Bend may be me. Good hearing from you
Hi Jeremy.
Dan McCoy from Fort Wayne. I'm pretty sure you knew that, but thought I'd say hi anyways. Glad to read things are progressing nicely for you. We should actually talk sometime! It's been a while.
Hey from our vacation at Virginia Beach, Jeremy!! :) You know where I'm from! ;)

Hi Jeremy! It's a beautiful day here in Sandbridge, VA! We'll all be heading home to Indianapolis early Saturday morning. We hope to see you soon.

Love, Merrilinda and Skeets
Of course I post from the 43rd town on the 100 Best Small Towns list.
I have known you since you were a skinny brillo pad-haired 7th grader. We were even "a couple" for a while so long ago...
I check in every week to see how you are doing until I can see you in person again...Xmas is coming up soon!
We are Pat and Beth Pritchett from Fort Pierce, Florida. We are friends and associates of your Dad and remember you from High School. Keep up the great progress!!
We are Pat and Beth Pritchett from Fort Pierce, Florida. We are associates/friends of your Dad. Keep up the great progress!! We do remember you from High School and the Madrigal Dinner!
Jeff and Amber Witherbee from Zionsville.

I feel like we are on an episode of the mickey mouse club.

duh-duh duh-duh duh-duh duh ....JEFF!
It says Indianapolis if I'm at work but I dont know what it says if I'm at home.
It's so cool that so many people from so many different places care about you!!
Maureen Cornelius from Indianapolis says hello...I'm one of the weekly readers of the blog.
Another one from Indianapolis - Kathy Berg
Yo, Jeremy, it's Kenyon and Paula on Florida's forgotten coast. We're in the habit of checking your blog every Friday evening.

Love it - and love you even more!
I this this posting should stay up another week to give everyone another week to check in - it's been fun to see where everyone's from.
Second Cousin Lisa from Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Glad to hear things are going well for you at present. Don't work to hard!
Hi Jeremy, Marilyn Becker, Bob Moore's aunt and Madeline's great-aunt here in Livingston, TN. Didn't see Livingston on your list of towns and only saw one town in TN.
Enjoy your blog every week and sometimes even take time to read the comments from other readers. You have so many people praying for you that it's no wonder you are doing so well! I know the progress will continue for you and look forward to your weekly blogs, no matter when they are posted.
another one from Indy. I worked with your sister until she moved to #91. She had my daughter in Kdg.

Carolyn and Bruce
Indianapolis, from the same house where you used to babysit so many years ago!
Judy Workman, from the basement in westfield, IN, but I have a Carmel, IN address and I bet the server we use is in Indianapolis. Hmmmm...I'm from the middle of the US!
HI Jeremy,
It's Marie Fuehner..remember Karen,Linda, Marie, Mr G and the old gang. I must admit I don't check weekly but I am very interested in your progress and highly admire your courage. I now work for the CVB in Covington, Ky and live across the river in IN.
Take Care

This is from your former tutors Janet and Sandy. We account for one of those inclusive Indy locations altho fishers is the location. Also a location from Venice FL is us also. We are sooooooooooooo proud of you. But then, we always knew you'd be the best even back in 4th grade. Love checking in on your progress.
Jennifer Williams, Indianapolis: one of The Shop girls; friend of your Mom; admirer of your strength, determination, eloquence and faith.
Hi Jeremy,
Eduardo from Daytona Beach, FL. I'm very happy about your progress and positive attitude
Even though CO wasn't in your list (you caught me not checking up on you), I thought I'd sound off. Hurray for Boulder!
Hi Jeremy! You really don't know me, but I know your father and your sister. I've also know about you for many years from your father's stories. My name is Bonnie Cowley and I worked with your father and sister in IPS until a little over two years ago before I move on to be a principal of a day program. I am amazed by your positive attitude, your strength to look on the positive side of life, and your comments about your faith. I pray for you and your family from Avon where I live with my family or from where ever I happen to be when I think about you and your family. May God bless you and your family this Christmas season!
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