Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Quick Update

Canes are on order so that I can start practicing with them outside of therapy! I will probably switch back and forth for a while, but I'm already noticing a difference in my balance. I attribute this to two things. One, I'm getting more comfortable with the C-legs. Two, the canes are teaching me to rely on my legs for more balance than I do with crutches.

Congrats, keep up the hard work...the holiday's hopefully, will allow you some down time.

I need pictures honey, more pictures.

I miss you Jeremy, we will talk soon, promise. I'm looking forward to some down time myself...

Love ya,
Glad to hear you're seeing an improvement in your balance!

Can't wait to see you again soon -- it's been too long! Hopefully over the holidays...


Happy Thanksgiving Jeremy!
~Violet, Matt and the boys
Happy Thanksgiving!


Been thinking about what you wrote a couple weeks ago about your life being different than what you thought it would be. I think that plans are just temporary guidelines and none of us humans are in charge of the route.

If I may be blunt, your injuries are easily seen when somebody looks at you (but when your gait becomes a natural walk--and it will--nobody will ever know). Many others have injuries that nobody can see and they, too, have to deal with the questions and judgments of everybody around them.

Let us all thank God for all of the people who help others in their times of need ... because we will all have times of need to some degree at some time in our lives.

Life is not a highway of smooth pavement. Sometimes we drive on bumpy roads; sometimes there are roadblocks and detours. Well meaning people will tell us how to deal with the detours but it is ultimately up to each of us to decide which road to travel and how to travel it.

Somebody already wrote to you about skiing. I'd like to encourage you to take up backpacking again and give serious thought to a trip to Europe. Maybe not next week, but IT CAN BE DONE!

Pam and Bill Moore
You must be absolutely tired, I notice you missed a week of blogging. Get more sleep, that's my recommendation. Oh yeah, and don't use your canes as weapons when you Christmas shop.
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