Saturday, December 01, 2007


Thanksgiving (a little late)

As Judy aptly noted, I've missed a week, almost two. In the last two weeks we opened our new restaurant at work. This has taken up a lot of time. I did take several days off around Thanksgiving. Not sure why I keep thinking that I'll get some rest when I take several days off at once. I spent the bulk of the time with family and friends. I had a great time, just not much rest.

Mark Hatfield and his wife Lauren were in from Minnesota so I spent a lot of time at Mark's Parents house. When we were in High School we hung out at Mark's house all the time so it was kinda like going back in time! On Thanksgiving Mom, Dad, Sarah, Madeline, and I had dinner at Mom and Dad's house. After dinner we took food to Grandpa and spent some time with him. Then we took Madeline to see Bee Movie.

Earlier in the week I got a deep tissue massage. It was the first massage that I've had since the accident. The massage therapist was amazed by how tight my muscles were. She told me to let her know if she went too deep. Unfortunately I didn't take into account my high tolerance for pain. I felt great after the massage until about 4am when I woke up feeling like a herd of elephants had run over my back! However, after the soreness wore off I was back to feeling great! I'm going back for another massage on Tuesday.

My balance continues to improve. I'm able to stand without the crutches comfortably for a few minutes before I sit down. I got my canes in Physical Therapy yesterday. Walking with them is becoming easier, however, we still haven't practiced any obstacles yet. I tried walking down a ramp and it was extremely difficult and scary. I didn't fall, but I probably would have if Renee hadn't been there to support me. Let me know what you think of the pictures. Especially the one where I'm standing without any assistance.

Standing without assistance must feel great!! I am confident that you will soon be mastering that. You've come such a long way, and you continue to face each challenge with optimism. Keep it up!

Wow, Jeremy!! Great pictures and we're so excited for your continuing progress! Glad there's finally a new update :), I have still been checking daily!

We still need to try to get together.....maybe after the new year. (?)

Heather & Ronnie
Holly (turned 10 yesterday!), Anna, & Ellie
The pictures are great. We have already used them to help sell more cookbooks...successfully!!! The long wait had us a bit worried. We just wrapped up our participation (vocal and bell choirs) in the "Hanging of the Greens" service at our church. We are trying to get packed, etc. to run to Charlottesville and then Fredericksburg for a few days.
Our love to all Warriners,

Lilla and Harry
I am so excited for you!
How exciting to see you walking with the canes! Looks like you're doing great. I especially like the one that slightly blurry ... looks like you've moving even faster ;-)

Glad to hear of your progress!

Hope to get together soon!


Hi Jeremy,

It's me, Eduardo. We worked together at the Indy Marriott when it first openeed. Even though six years have gone by, I still have wonderful memories of us at the hotel and as neighbors. I am now in the Miami area so please let me know if you need a hotel room! my e-mail is
Great pictures - just one more step forward in your incredible journey.

It's good to hear from you Jeremy. We missed your updates during the break!

Thanks for posting the photos. You look great!

Love, Minda
I also love the slightly blurry one, makes it look like you're whizzing by!

Keep up the great progress!

Love Annie xx
I know, I'm a terrible friend. The pictures look great. You look great!!! I can't believe the year has gotten away from us, oh my, how time has flown...just means we are getting older ya know but better looking...
Happy Holiday's my friend...slow down and enjoy the season!!!
Remember "little" Mark from the hotel, front desk guy? Saw him, he said to tell you hello...
Don't be to surprised if I call you ok.
Miss ya terribly, love ya even more, keep up the great work, a massage huh?


The pics are amazing!!! So happy for you! I really miss getting to talk to you :( I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving. My mom has some Star Wars stuff she was wondering if you would be interested in. If you get a chance, email me and I'll try to describe it to you! Jack is dying to see the movies by the way! Anyway, hope to hear from you soon!

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