Friday, December 21, 2007



I tried to attach a video clip of me walking up a ramp at Wishard during therapy today, unfortunately it didn't work. Earlier in the session we worked on stepping off a curb (something I've been having trouble with) and going down a short ramp (end of side walk). These are two maneuvers that will need to be done sideways if I'm using the canes. The end of the session was walking down a longer and more shallow ramp. Unfortunately there's no video of this because Renee was holding onto the gait belt (silly thing wrapped around my waist). I'm able to walk down a long ramp going forward, but I have to go slow. If I go sideways it takes less time because I can take wider steps but I prefer to see where I'm going.

Here's the update on my friends. Unfortunately they lost the baby. At this point the prayers need to be for my friends wife. That she be okay and have no serious side effects. And that they both stay strong throughout this period.

Glad to hear you are progressing, Jeremy. Sad to hear about your friends.
You will all three be in our prayers over the holidays.
Cousin Lisa
Praying for comfort and good health for your friends. As horribly painful as this must be for them, I hope they will be able to realize soon (after some of the pain begins to subside) that things can be okay, even happy, again. As we know, life goes on.
I am excited for you as you progress through more therapy skills. Life for many is a challenge. Yours come from a box quite different than many as you already have learned and are sharing with us. Thank you for doing that. My hope is that the challenges soon will feel that they are nearing the bottom of the box. One's box is never completely empty. Without challenges, life would lack meaning. I think Kathli has written something very good for all to remember. After painful experiences life can be okay and even happy again. Life is constantly changing but can be okay if allowed. Have a good Christmas Jeremy and family. I pray for you often.
We missed you at church Sunday, and hardly talked about you at all.

I will keep your friends in my prayers. This is such a hard time of year for sad news and I hope they will be able to manage through the holidays.

I will be out of town the next two Sundays,so I'll see you again mid January.
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