Monday, January 21, 2008


Funerals, Surgeries, and Senate Hearings Oh My!

I took last week off work, and blog updates, because there was just too much going on and I needed to focus on family as well as myself. Grandpa's funeral service was beautiful. That was the beginning of the week. The graveside ceremony was Monday morning, to avoid the exhorbitant overtime cost of internment on a Sunday. (Grandpa would have decided to haunt us if we'd done it on Sunday!)

After the graveside we headed to the hospital so Sarah could have her gallbladder(sp?) removed. The surgery went well, however, a stone got away from the surgeon and made it's way into the bile duct(sp?). Sarah went back on Wednesday and the went through another procedure to remove the offensive stone and is now back at home entertaining Madeline and dodging the cats. The family is taking a breather while Sarah continues to recover. Next Monday we'll be back at the hospital while a different surgeon releives a ruptured disk in Dad's back. I think he's coming over on Sunday to check out some movies from my DVD collection.

While Sarah was going through her second procedure last Wednesday I was at the Statehouse testifying in a Senate hearing. I hadn't planned on this but, after receiving an email on Tuesday night regarding a senate bill that requires better insurance protection for people with prostheses, I decided to attend the hearing. It was a very interesting process, and the Senator who is supporting the bill has asked me to come back this Tuesday (tomorrow) and testify for a similar bill that is going through the state House of Representatives.

Any residents of Indiana who are interested in these bills can look them up at The Senate bill is SB 269 and the House bill is HB 1140. Please contact your local Senator and House Representative and ask them to support these bills. You can easily find out who your Legislators are at the above website and can also e-mail them straight from there.

Many of you have expressed interest in my continued challenge with the canes. As noted in one of last weeks comments I have been walking with them at Church. In fact, I've been trying to walk with them almost exclusively. However, some situations do require me to switch back to the crutches. Long distances, bad weather conditions, and unexplored terrain tend to be easier with the crutches. The canes continue to be a challenge and we have been experimenting with many different adjustments to my legs to try to compensate. I am more confident with them now than I was at the beginning. One of the biggest issues is that it hurts my hands. Unless something even crazier than whats been happening lately happens in the next week I'll talk more about the struggle with canes and Physical Therapy when I do my next update. Which will probably be after next Friday, the 25th. Now, make comments!


Surely your mother must have felt left out when Miss Fortune passed out all of the events and happenings of the past couple of weeks.

I'm so sorry about the loss of your grandfather. I know you and your family were prepared but nothing quite prepares us for the actual passing. May God be with your family at this time.
WOW, what a month for you so far...amazing how we pull through our events in our lives through our families. Keep up the hard work with the canes...this is going to be your year!
Love ya,
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I think the loss of my father was more than enough Miss Fortune for me! He was a kind and gentle man, & I shall miss him dearly.
It was good to see you on Sunday!
Jeremy, I made arecipe tonight from Angela O J. I'll have to pass it on in case you want to cook dinner. It may be a hard recipe, it requires stading at the stove. She has the best sloppy joe recipe and I am so glad she gave it to me!
You know what? I think you can fix your blog so that everytime someone leaves you a message you can receive it in e mail form. If you don't check your blog often, you should try that out.
I was in an antique store today and I found an old leg for sale. I am not sure what it was made out of, but it looked like a wooden leg, painted a white person's fleshy color. It had a leather strap on it where you would fasten it to your thigh. It looked like it had seen a lot of wear. It cost $145.00. I wanted to buy it for you. It had a sign that said "Sock included." How cool would that be? People who are mean to you, you could threaten to beat them with your wooden leg.

I was in an antique store in Zionsville, that's where the leg was, too.
You have never told me how you feel about cookies. There is a rumor I make pretty good cookies.
Do you have a favorite type of cookie? Maybe you could try some of mine sometime....if I only knew how to best serve you.
Have you been good to sarah? Don't forget to call her daily and check up on her.
Good thing your mom's attention is temporarily turned to Sarah. I'd hate to think your mom was still at your house, looking for vegetables. Let's hope Sarah keeps a better stock of vegetables than you do.
You know, I am thinking I;ll have to come to your place of work and check it out someday. Are lunches there any good? I have to be home by about 2:30 or 3PM at the latest, since Noah gets home at 2:30 and should not be on his own for long.
You should have a contest to see who can leave the most comments on your blog in one sitting. Wouldn't that be fun?
At this point I am winning the most comments on your blog contest. Should I alert the people at the Guiness Book of World Records?
I hope I see you on Sunday. We talk about you when you aren't there to defend yourself.
well, now - i'm thinkin' that Judy in Indiana will win this contest hands down. Your grandfather was a dear man. He will certainly be missed. Your family is strong - and yes, I agree that this will be a good year.

Good grief. If there was a moment for a little fun in your life I would say great, but I don't see anything that qualifies. So it's good grief. Life is like that sometimes even in Australia. Remember that book? One of my favorites. I think Judy gave it her best to make us all smile. She does make great cookies. See you some Sunday at the coffee bar. I love seeing that little niece of yours. She is such a sweetie.
Hi Jeremy,
We were very sad to hear the news of your grandfather's passing. I'm sure you have a bazillion happy memories of him that will never leave you.
Good news that you are involved in senate hearings. What do you think of the process? Please tell us more about it.
Even though you are going through daily challenges, you continue to be an inspiration to so many! Keep the faith and keep strong.
Bill and Pam M.
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