Thursday, March 13, 2008


Happy Birthday, Jeremy!!

Please join me in wishing Jeremy a very happy birthday!!

We love you!

-- Colleen
(Jeremy's cousin)

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wish you a peaceful & blessed day to enjoy however you wish!

~Elnora Coffin (Plano, TX)
Happy Birthday from Virginia Beach! Have a wonderful day.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Tennessee!

Marilyn Becker
Happy Birthday Jeremy!!

Love, Jim and Jennie
And another greeting comes from Virginia Beach with much love and good wishes.

Lilla and Harry
Hope you have a fabulous birthday and a wonderful year!!!
Happy Birthday! I wish you all the best-Mary Freeman
Happy Birthday, Cousin!! You know, when we were growing up, it was "cool" to be 4 days older than you.....but now, eh, not so much!! ;)

Hope you have a great day and can get out to enjoy the beautiful weather!

Heather & family
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Jeremy, Happy Birthday to you!! HAve a great day :)

Love Annie xx
Happy Birthday Jeremy! Have a wonderful day! Tell your Mom and Dad hello for me.

Your Dad's cousin Cindy from Salem
Happy Birthday Jeremy! Best wishes for a great day and a fantastic year!
Love, The Armacost Family
Just want to add our greetings along with everyone else. Hope your birthday is exactly the day you wish it could be. You are special and we love you.

Bruce & Mona
Happy Birthday, Jeremy!

Happy Birthday Bookstore Kid !!!

Love Mrs B
Happy Birthday, Cousin!
Much love from all the Orr Family
You're the man!
Love, Katie

ope it's extra special just like you
I wish you an extra special day
Oops looks like I messed up So you got two birthday wishes
chiming in - happy birthday!!! enjoy you day and your upcoming year - hope it's filled with exciting forward movement in your world.

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