Thursday, March 27, 2008


Radio Interview

First: Tune your radio to WIBC 93.1 at 6pm tonight. I'll be on the Everyday Heroes talk show.

Second: Check out the sidebar. There's a walkathon fundraiser, with a silent auction on April 12th at the Arsenal Tech High School track to help continue to raise funds. At this time Blue Cross is denying to consider the appeal for the C-legs so every bit helps!

I didn't see this in time to tune in, but good for you!! On the subject of heroes - here's something amazing and cool ... (there's a promo/intro so just wait through that). I thought you and your 'audience' would enjoy it. There's also a story about on the same site ..

Keep on sharing your voice, Jeremy! It makes a difference.

Looks like you'll still have a chance to listen to it -- the website has audio archives. The radio program was called "Indianapolis Tonight". As of today (3/27), the archives are current up to 3/25, so it may not be available for a couple of days. Jeremy, you did fantastic! I listened to the whole thing -- it was about a 45-minute interview, interrupted a few times by news, weather, traffic and commercials.

Wow, I know someone who's famous! ;-)

Much love,


The interview was awesome! I love how often she reminded the listeners of how "cute and single" you are!!! ;)

You didn't sound one bit "um's" or "uh's"! Hearing you retell the story was like living through our experience with your journey again; he's better, he's worse, worse again, worse again, better, better, uh-oh, and infection....etc. It was an emotional rollercoaster for all! We are still just amazed at how well you are doing after looking back at the road you've had to travel. I'm glad I got to hear the interview. It was neat!

By the way, I get to speak to the U of I PT students in 2 weeks about Anna. :)

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