Monday, April 21, 2008


Meeting a Legend, and Setting a Record

So, you might think that I would have more time on my hands now, you know, since I'm not working. That just doesn't seem to be the case. In fact, it almost seems like I've been busier than I was when I was working. Some of this has to do with the job search. The rest is day to day stuff, church obligations, and other appointments. Fact is I've walked more in the last three weeks than I would have if I'd been at work. I've only taken the wheelchair out of the car once, and that was for a Physical Therapy appointment.

Two weeks ago I attended a fund raiser for the People's Burn Foundation. This gave me an opportunity to meet a Legend. This is a man I've wanted to meet for the last two years. The only picture that exists of me from while I was at the burn unit was taken while I was still in a coma. That picture was taken because I had a celebrity visitor that day. The visitor was Jeff Saturday, the center for the Colts. Of course, since I was comatose, we didn't actually meet. The folks from the People's Burn Foundation have been hoping to arrange a meeting for some time. The fund raiser finally presented the opportunity.

He's a great guy who is very supportive of the Burn Foundation. He introduced me to his wife and I spent some time speaking with both of them. They asked about my parents, whom they had visited with at the burn unit. They also expressed to me how much they like the cookbook! So, if you're one of the many who donated recipes to the cookbook, you should be happy to know that you're in Jeff Saturday's kitchen.

A few days after meeting Jeff I set a new personal record. It was a cold day for a walk-a-thon, but we had a good turn out and a lot of fun. A lot of effort went into the Walk-A-Thon. Elementary students made some great art work, the Rally's from 38th and College donated and prepared all of the food, many businesses and people donated items to a silent auction, and of course all of this was organized by a group of amazing women.

I spent a lot of time visiting with the people who came to walk. I really was amazed by the number of people who came to show their support. After a while I finally decided to see how far I could make it around the track. As I started walking our DJ for the day played Fantastic Voyage. I enjoyed conversation with my family and friends who walked with me. We took the wheelchair along with us so that I could rest when I needed to. However, I didn't use the wheelchair until we'd gotten all the way around. So, I've now set a record of a quarter mile. Renee is pretty sure that I've walked that far before, perhaps farther, but this is the first time I've had a true measure. We're going to do it again next year; we'll have to see how far I can go then.

Unfortunately there's no news on the job search. I expect to hear something in the next week or two in regards to a position with Sodexo. I also have a few interviews lined up outside of the company, but staying with Sodexo would be the best option. I promise I'll keep you updated.

Great to see you are back with us. Emergency vehicles just came into the neighborhood and we have an appointment in an hour in town, 20 miles.... so we will touch base again later this evening.

Lilla and Harry
You're the legend in my book :o)

Keep us posted on your job situation.

Jeremy - Glad to hear the Walk-a-thon was a success!

It's great to be able to keep up to date on your progress and just the interesting things you're doing and people you meet. Thanks for taking the time to post -- it means a lot to those of us who love you. :-)

Hopefully, we'll be able to get together soon!

I agree with Colleen! I know that you think you're boring at this point, but I still check for your posts pretty much daily! :) We're eagerly anticipating the announcement of your new job! Let us know....

That's so cool - you know Jeff Saturday!! you might as well say you guys are friends, he came to see you when you were in the hospital and now you were hangin' out with him and his wife the other day -and they use the cookbook: too cool!!
I'm not really friends with any Colts players, but I touched one once. Darrell Reid. and I almost touched Peyton Manning once. Oh, and I talked to Dwight Freeney once: he gave me his autograph and I said "Thank you so much" and he said "No problem". now that I think about it, I have Jeff Saturday's autograph too I think from hangin' out outside the dome where they come out after games.

Anyway, That's really awesome that you can walk a quarter mile too! I'm sorry I missed the walk-a-thon but I'm glad to hear it went well and that there will be another one next year so I'll have another chance to go!
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