Thursday, April 03, 2008


A new path

Are you sitting down? Well, since you're in front of a computer screen I'm assuming that you are. If by some chance you aren't, you might want to.

Last Wednesday I was informed that my position at the Walden Inn had been eliminated. This was not due to any performance related issues, it was merely a business decision. Of course, it stings a bit, but in all honesty I'm pretty releived. I've slept better this past week than I have for over a year!

I'm still on Sodexo's payroll for 60 days, during which time Sodexo is trying to find a mpore permanent solution, and I'm looking at other options as well. In the long run I'd like to focus on more public speaking and find a way to turn it into a career. In the short term I'm willing to look at all possibilities that arise.

There's a big part of me that likes the idea of having 60 days to relax. However, it's already looking like that time will actually be much shorter, and even my time off has become busy. I've barely been home since receiving the news last week!

Physical therapy was extremely successful this past week. I think Renee has learned that all she has to do is threaten to discharge me and my progress will take another leap forward! We haven't tried walking with one crutch since the disastrous attempts 6 or 7 months ago. In fact, that's what led to the canes. Well, a while back Renee started talking about discharging me because she didn't feel there was much more Physical Therapy could do for me. Then she saw me unweight my left leg to take a step forward and decided we might want to try the single crutch trick one more time. So, we scheduled another session.

That session was last Friday. I can't say that it was beautiful, but the session was beautifully successful! On the first try I only made it about 3/4 of the way down the hallway. My left knee gave out on me and I wound up on the floor. (Renee controlled my fall, so don't worry about injuries.) Due to the fall we decided to put the left leg into it's second mode, which doesn't allow the knee to bend as freely as the walking mode.

This was really the first time that I had a real reason to use the second mode. I have remote controls that allow me to switch the legs from one program to another. I'm not sure that I've ever talked about that aspect of the c-legs before. It's very cool, but hasn't been very useful until now. After switching into the second mode I was able to make it down the hall and back with no major problems! I'm no where near ready to try this outside of PT yet, but I hope that with continued practice it will become a useful option for me.

So, things are good. New doors are opening in regards to my career, as well as my mobility. My 33rd year is definitely off to an interesting start!

Thats Great are we going to see you in chruch in a few weeks with just one cane?

bummer about the job though

Jeremy -- I'm so glad to hear it. We're excited to see what's in store for you in the future. (see Jeremiah 29:11 :-)

Hopefully, we'll get to see each other soon -- it's been too long! Sorry you can't make it to Shannon's on Saturday. As Sarah has suggested, we'll have to schedule another cousin get-together soon.


I think God's opening that window, much as we thought he might. Good luck with this chapter...

Love, Katie
Wow! One thing to celebrate...One thing to wonder about. It can only be forward and onward at this point. Those legs really are coming through for you.
I think that's great about your job! Like you've been freed from a weight. I know you'll be better than ever -whatever you do. Like with the walking, you just keep moving forward to bigger and better things. I swear I would not be surprised to read someday that you had convinced Renee to help you train to run in a marathon
Interesting how the decisions we make are ratified in ways we don't expect. I'm excited for you but I also know how stressful uncertainty can be at times. Look at it as freedom--also stressful--but more exciting!
Congratulations on the new level in PT. Timing is everything :)
Change is good. I really, really, believe that- I anticipate great, positive, and unanticipated positive things for you-! Matt
This has nothing directly to do with your post but then,maybe it does. I want to thank you for allowing Bob to send me some info to pass along to a young man who just had a foot amputated due to an auto accident. I have not heard if the young man is up to talking to you or not but I will certainly let his family know you are willing. I will also give them your blog so he can, if he wants, go to this and see how far you've come and all the support you've had from God, family, friend, and even strangers. I'll let you know what I find out and when. I'll probably e-mail you since I have your e-mail address and hope that you don't mind.

Marilyn Becker
I haven't seen you lately, got a job yet?
It's rather interesting that you left the Walden Inn right before I was coming out to have lunch there.
You should get up and come to church someday, you know.
I hope you are resting a bit in your time off. Not so much that you look lazy, but just a bit.
By the way, is it too late to tell you that you are teaching our Sunday School class tomorrow morning?
So, how does it feel to get lots of comments on your blog? I'll never know.
Hey people, if you are reading these, blogs are inter active things. Stop laughing and make a comment for our dear friend.
Hey, Jeremy, great to read your update, but I already knew about this. Could you update again, please?
Hope to see you tomorrow in Sunday school. (Especially since I just decided you are teaching.)
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