Saturday, May 31, 2008


Surgery is successful!

Hello everybody! Just a quick note to let you know that Jeremy is doing well. His surgery was over around 3:00 yesterday. The doctor that came out to talk to us said that everything went as expected. They were able to remove the HO bone from Jeremy's hip and did not have to remove muscle! The way that I understand it is that when that HO bone grows it is initially a very fibrous substance-kind of like coral. At that stage it kind of infuses the muscle and it is virtually impossible to remove without taking out the muscle. Over the last two years that bone has become more solid enabling it to be carved out. Hopefully this will make it easier for Jeremy to stand up straight and give him a better center of gravity. I was also impressed to learn from our friend Becky (who also happens to be a recovery nurse at Wishard) that his doctor is very well known and highly thought of in this field. People are coming to Wishard from different states to have him operate on them. I guess that he even removed Heather Mills' leg. (Paul McCartney's ex-wife). So, I guess that he was in good hands. When I saw him he was on all kinds of pain medication and in very good spirits. They were using this new technology to block the pain. It was a pain ball. This sort of reminded me of an epidural that you can manage yourself. There was a ball in a black bag next to Jeremy that was filled with pain medication-attached to his back. He could use a dial to control how much medication was released at a time based on his level of pain-very interesting....

Anyway-at last report Jeremy was doing fine-irritated with the normal hospital things but otherwise in good spirits. Feel free to give him a call. He should be in the hospital until at least Monday. Keep sending good thoughts his way! :)

thank you for the update - what great news! I know everyone is relieved - now - recovery. continued thoughts and prayers for you all.

Super news, Sarah! We appreciate your thoughtfulness and diligence, not only in getting the word out promptly, but also your generous inclusion of significant details that increase our awareness and understanding. Many thanks . . .

Paula & Kenyon
Thanks for the update!! so glad to hear it went well!
Thanks Sarah....always keep up with Jeremy...sounds good....he's my bookstore kid....Mrs. B BRHS
Great news! Love to all the cousins!

Thanks a lot for the update Sarah. We are so glad that Jeremy is doing well.
The Armacost family
I'm really glad to hear that everything went well, and hope the recovery is quick and easy

Love Annie xx
hi..i don't really know jeremy, but have heard a lot about him through professors at IUPUI. what a true inspiration he is! :) the pictures of him hiking with the children really touched my heart....
Great News! So glad to hear it went well. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Take care and keep up the good work. Jennie and Jim
Great news Sarah...Keep your head up Jeremy !! Quick recovery now.
You go, Jeremy!

We are all so thankful that your family does such a super job at keeping us updated, and we are VERY thankful that the surgery went well!!! God is watching over you all. :)
Pam M.
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