Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Good News and Bad News

The good news is that Jeremy is out of surgery and the tissue looked good and not infected. They packed the bone with a different type of antibiotic that is made out of a bone like material and will not have to be removed. It is supposed to aid in healing. The bad news is that there was a lot of fluid in the wound so the doctor put a wound vac on him and has left the incision site open. Jeremy will have to have MORE surgery on Friday. It's never ending. I'll let you know when there is more information on the next surgery.

Glad to hear the good news. Regret that there is some bad news. We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Love from a bit cooler, but still too dry and off and on smokey Virginia ( fires continue to burn),

Harry and Lilla
Thank you for your time and effort keeping us updated, Sarah.

love to all,
Paula & Kenyon
Well, rats!!!

Jeremy, you just can't catch a break, can you?? I'm so sorry you're having to go through more surgery. I will just keep praying.

Heather & Family
Hi Kido. Well, today is over. Hip, Hip, Hooray. It's a new day tomorrow. Good to hear your voice this morning when you called at North. The news...I could tell you lots...Like North people came through again with about 700...that right...700 stuffed animals ready to go to Kenya. Sarah Ellen said she needed 150 for Christmas gifts. 700...that's a few more. They are waiting in bags stashed in our livingroom waiting for the container to arrive. There's been a delay. So far I hear no protesting coming from the bags. That's 23 bags by the way along with another 13 of clothes. No room for company, just animals. North can make a difference as I know you would agree. Take care...Love you and your family a whole bunch.
Sorry it didnt go as planned. that sucks. I guess all ya can do is focus on the positives. Hope this upcoming surgery is the last! I'll be thinkin about you.
Hang in there Jeremy!!!! Jeepers. I'll be thinking about you today! (Fri. June 20th). Matt
Hope today is truly the last of the surgeries. Hang tough! Love, Jennie and Jim Goodman
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