Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Home Now!

After three surgeries over the course of the past week I'm finally home! Thanks to all of you for your prayers, positive energy, visits, and overall support. I'm a little weak, but otherwise feeling very healthy! I could have been home yesterday, but decided to push the PICC line issue with the Infectious Disease Doctors.

These are the people who were deciding my fate, in regards to treatment, but they had not seen me in person. My Ortho Doctors had spoken with them and allowed them to review the case, however, I wanted them to meet me in person to review the in depth details. They were going send me home with a PICC Line (a more permanent version of an IV that goes directly into the heart) with IV antibiotics for three to six weeks. (I've had a PICC before and had difficulties with it.)

After speaking with me they decided to send me home with two oral antibiotics that I will take for about three weeks. One is Levaquin, which is an old and well utilized drug. The other is Zyvox, which is a fairly new drug that has only been in use over the past four years. One of the most serious potential side effects that I need to watch out for is neropathy (tingling, numbness, or pain in the hands and feet (I only have to worry about the hands!). The other, in very rare cases, is death...caused by an allergic reaction causing the liver to produce poison. The fact is that most drugs could have a a similar side effect in rare cases. The only reason the Doctor even mentioned it is that they don't have a lot of history on this drug yet.

Right now, my only real concern is to deal with the GI issues brought on by my Narcotic pain killers. (Boo Constipation, Yay Narcotics!) Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to play with my cat. After 12 days he deserves the attention!

Thanks, Jeremy. There's nothing better than hearing it straight from the horse's a....a......a..
mouth! Now that you have straightened out the new doctors, things will probably go very well.

George C
Yay! Glad to hear you're home now. Hope you can relax and start to heal, Jeremy.

Love you,

Gotta love those specialists that dont even meet the patients. I am way too familiar with how impersonal the whole system of medical care can get: I will refrain from even getting started on that, which would branch into insurance, government regs, etc. too. Anyway: so glad you advocated for yourself!
and, uh, impressive knowledge of side effects. some of us have to be careful with too much knowledge, as it causes us to believe we are having symptoms :)
Hope you're all healed up soon!
Thinking about ya sweetie....take care and glad you are home!!!

Mrs. B
Say, Jeremy, have you ever thought about becoming a personal "life coach"? I've read it's a growing profession, for which there are certification programs available. And you have great qualifications for the job. You are: extremely intelligent, personable and articulate; have a keen & ready sense of humor (which you come by quite naturally!); have at hand a tremendous support network of family and friends with whom to vet ideas and explore solutions; have been doing a fantastic job of not only handling, but very wisely advocating your way through all the challenges of the past several years with confidence and objectivity in the face of pain, loss and other emotionally charged circumstances; possess a positive, problem solving attitude and can bring to bear a fairly unique perspective.
I think anyone would be fortunate to have you rooting for them, and many would compensate you for such services.
cheers to you and your furry-faced pal,
Glad you're home Jeremy and everything went well. Take it easy and heal quickly.

Now I'm here permanently I have lots of time to visit...once I sort out a drivers license ;) Watch out Indy!
Thinking of you as I always do and now that Annie is here we are going to come and visit you. Also, since I am done with volleyball for a while, I'm out and about...yes!!
So, back to the important stuff, we are sooo glad your ok!!!

Miss you terribly,
Love ya,
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