Friday, June 20, 2008


Surgery Goes As Expected!

Thank goodness! Surgery went well, they cleaned out the wound quite well again, they closed up, and the pain is being managed much more effectively this time. Hopefully Jeremy will go home on Monday. He will be sent home on both an oral antibiotic and IV antibiotics for a few weeks. Now let's hope for no surprises!

and once again the power of prayer is witnessed.

Now that's the great kind of news we have been looking for!!!! Wish we could be there to welcome you home from the hospital.

H and L
We are so glad that everything went well. Our prayers and thoughts have been and will continue to be with you, Jeremy. Thanks Sarah for the update.
The Armacosts
ditto what evajo said!

Pam M.
So just let me know when we can put jeremy back into the teaching schedule.

Did I just write that? How rude!

Class attendance has been low since it is summer and all. We went to the ASP meeting in fellowship hall during Sunday School yesterday. No news to report. Hope Jeremy gets well and isn't too demanding when he gets home.
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