Saturday, June 14, 2008


Visitor Request

I just talked with Jeremy. He said that he would really like to have visitors. However, he would appreciate it if you call first. The telephone number to his room is 630-8056. As he will be having another surgical procedure on Wednesday or Thursday my guess is that he will be in the hospital through next week. By the way-he also mentioned that since tomorrow is Father's Day he would prefer to not have guests. We are planning a family day. Thanks!

Wow, he sounds really bossy. I want visitors but I want them to call first, and not to come on Father's Day. Maybe some food and some good pain meds will make him feel better. I'd bring a cold beer, too, if I were you as it could increase his mood and help the meds be just a bit more effective.
Oh yes, the time stamp is correct. I really am awake at this hour and no, I don't have to teach Sunday School tomorrow, so I am not awake to prepare the lesson. I just can't sleep.

No, I mean for that to read : I am so worried about Jeremy that thoughts of him are consuming my mind and I cannot sleep again until I know that all is well in his world.
Maybe I can find time to bring the kids in for a visit this week. Then he will have had enough of visitors that no one will have to worry about coming to see him, he'll have barred the door.
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